Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Photos before and after plastic surgery in a swimsuit, without makeup, style, biography

Rosie Huntington Whiteley is not just a slender and incredibly beautiful girl, she is a professional model with whom many of the most influential brands want to collaborate. She persistently pursued her goal, and is now a leading Victoria's Secret angel, and in 2009, Rosie was awarded the status of “Model of the Year” according to one eminent magazine. Her English aristocratic appearance has always attracted a lot of attention, so it is not surprising that she has many fans in the form of fashion designers and famous editors of famous publications.

short biography

Rosie Huntington-Wylie was born in April 1987 on an English farm in Taviston, a suburb of London. The girl’s mother worked as a professional fitness trainer, and her father sold real estate. In addition to Rosie, the couple had 2 more sons.

The girl’s fashion-loving mother instilled in Rosie a love for the world of the fashion industry from childhood, and also taught her to watch her weight .
The model's school years were not successful. The girl was constantly teased by her peers, who found her full lips, braces and flat chest funny. Also, classmates did not like the model’s last name, which they constantly distorted. At the age of 16, Rosie decides to radically change her life by deciding to become a public relations manager. She sends her profile to the London modeling agency Profile Models. Huntington-Wylie was denied the chosen vacancy, but was offered to try herself as a model.

In 2003, Rosie had her first photo shoot for Levi Strauss magazine, and a year later the model made her debut on the catwalk and participated in High Fashion Week, followed by the covers of Elle Girl and Teen Vogue.

In 2008, Rosie replaced Agyness Deney at the Burberry fashion house show and became the face of the brand's autumn-winter collection. In 2009, Huntington-Wylie presented the Karen Millen collection, and then became one of the “angels” of Victoria Secrets.

In 2010, Huntington-Wylie:

  • posed nude for the Pirelli calendar and for a special lingerie album from Thomas Wylde;
  • participated in the Parisian Giles Deacon fashion show and the Milan Prada show;
  • appeared on the covers of GQ and Harper's Bazaar magazines;
  • starred in pin-up style for Love Magazine;
  • advertised products from Loewe.

2011 brought Rosie the title of “sexiest woman on the planet” according to the readers of For Him Magazine and first place in the Hot 100 list announced by Maxim magazine.

Not limited to success in the fashion industry, Huntington-Wylie decided to try her hand at cinema. Her debut took place in the film Transformers 3, where the model replaced someone who left the set due to disagreements with director Megan Fox.

Rosie's work was criticized by critics, but the model did not stop the unflattering reviews, and in 2013 she starred in the 4th part of Mad Max. This time, Huntington-Wylie's role was received more favorably.

While participating in films, the star did not forget about her main profession, participating in shows of Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Prada, Valentino and becoming the face of

fragrance from Burberry. In 2021, the model launched her own lingerie line.

Jessica Alba

Latin American roots, beautiful expressive eyes, a charming smile and beautiful natural lips... Yes, this woman is true perfection! She is also a mother of three children and a successful businesswoman. Acting has long ceased to be a matter of life for Jessica, for whom everything was successful even without cinema.

Jessica Alba

Figure parameters, appearance and style

Rosie Huntington-Wylie (photos of the supermodel have repeatedly graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar) is a blond beauty, distinguished by her tall stature and sky-blue eyes.

Figure parameters:

Height175 cm
Weight53 cm
Bust size2
Bust size85V
Clothing size4 (US) or 35 (EU)
Shoe size8.5 (US) or 39 (EU)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Appearance typeEuropean

The model’s figure parameters are as close as possible to ideal Hollywood standards and, according to Rosie’s fame, are the result of constant physical training and more than “a thousand” squats.
Huntington-Wylie is considered a true style icon. For her appearances, the model prefers stylish total looks, composed of a mix of classic and modern everyday style. Classic suits, trousers, trench coats and sweaters allow you to highlight the style and figure of the star.

For evening outings, the actress relies on elegance, choosing models made from laconic satin fabrics from her favorite designers Alexander McQueen, Versace and Valentino.


Rosie Huntington-Wylie (a model photo shoot for Maxim magazine brought the celebrity the title of the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world) slightly adjusted her appearance with the help of plastic surgery.

Taking a closer look at the photographs of the model taken while conquering her catwalk, it becomes noticeable that approximately in 2012-2013. Rosie had rhinoplasty. The surgeon corrected the actress’s nose: he narrowed the wings a little and gave grace to the tip. The intervention was carried out very carefully, without leaving any scars or marks on the star’s face.

In addition to rhinoplasty, the actress was suspected of adjusting her lips and figure, but the model herself categorically rejects such speculation.

Plastic surgery experts confirm the star’s words, noting that:

  • The girl was given natural fullness of her lips from birth and was even the subject of ridicule from classmates who teased the future model “Miss Big Mouth.”
  • her luxurious figure was created by the work of the model herself, who is constantly involved in fitness and adheres to a strict diet.

Unlike her colleagues, Rosie did not succumb to the newfangled trends for large breasts, leaving the natural volume, because, according to her, it looks more harmonious with the body. In addition to rhinoplasty, Huntington-Wylie regularly performs botulinum toxin injections, which confirms the model’s smooth forehead and the absence of facial wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.


Of course, sports are present in the model’s life. She prefers to alternate between different types of exercise - this not only has a beneficial effect on her figure, but also never gets boring. For example, today she can go to the gym and work with dumbbells, tomorrow she can go dancing, the day after tomorrow she can go to TRX training, the next day she can go jogging or jumping rope.

Rosie considers her stomach to be her weak point, so she pays special attention to working it out. Pilates and vacuum exercises help her in this matter - she performs them daily.

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Cosmetology procedures

Rosie Huntington-Wylie (photos of the model taken for the Pirelli calendar became the starting point in the star’s career) is rightfully proud of her appearance and carefully takes care of maintaining the beauty and youth of her skin.

The model regularly visits a cosmetologist and carries out:

  • biorehabilitation , during which the deep layers of the epidermis are injected with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid;
  • acid peels , which allow you to renew and cleanse the skin of dead particles;
  • injections of botulinum toxin , which blocks the appearance of facial wrinkles, as evidenced by the completely smooth forehead and the absence of “crow’s feet” in the eye area of ​​the 32-year-old star.

The star calls cosmetologist Shani Darden her main “friend of her beauty.” An hour spent in a specialist’s office allows the model to completely revive the skin, as well as literally erase fine wrinkles, pimples and blackheads, using the LightStim device.

The combination of amber, red and infrared radiation removes skin defects and triggers the cells to produce their own collagen and elastin. After cosmetic procedures, the actress applies Resurface by Shani Darden cream to her face for about a week, which allows her to quickly reanimate damaged skin and prevent swelling.

Beauty secrets

Rosie Huntington-Wylie (photos of the actress published on her Instagram are necessarily processed in Facetune, which allows the pictures to be perfect) tirelessly takes care of the beauty of her skin and hair.

In her interview, the star repeatedly informed fans that due to oily skin, she constantly suffers from acne and acne, so she tries to nourish and moisturize the tissue as much as possible.

Skin care

  • Every morning the model must apply it to her face for 20 minutes. a wet towel to open the pores and wake up the skin.
  • Then the star cleanses the tissues with foam or mousse and always lubricates it with moisturizer.
  • Moisturizing treatments, according to Rosie, are the basis of any skin care, allowing the face to always look young and fresh.

  • In the evening, the model always cleanses the skin with peeling and scrub, and then applies her favorite moisturizing gel Skinlongevity Vital Power Sleeping Gel Cream from Bare Minerals, which nourishes the tissues with a large amount of hyaluronic acid.
  • All Rosie's cosmetics must contain a sun protection factor, which helps the star protect her skin from exposure to UV rays.
  • Forced to constantly fly, the model often faces skin dehydration due to jet lag, so the actress’s makeup bag always contains Butter Drench, a regenerating thick cream with a moisturizing effect, and cleansing mineral water, which contains rose and cucumber extracts.
  • Several times a week, the model makes her own face masks using vegetable oils and algae as a base.

Hair care

Rosie has naturally thick and beautiful brown hair, which she constantly lightens to achieve the perfect honey tone. The model considers purple shampoos to be the best friends of her hair, helping to fight yellowness and return her hair to a beautiful, bright shade.

After the birth of her son, the actress noticed that the condition of her hair had deteriorated sharply. Due to the hormonal surge, the hair became drier, began to break and split. The star's hairdresser, George Northwood, and also Rosie's best friend, who has been in charge of her hair for more than 15 years, selected Rahua brand shampoos for the actress, which significantly improved the condition of her hair.

In an attempt to reduce the negative impact of coloring, the model rinses her hair daily with mineral water, which allows her to moisturize her strands and nourish them with microelements.


The model is not a supporter of bright, flashy makeup and rarely allows herself to conduct various beauty experiments, preferring traditional nude makeup.

Rosie Huntington-Wylie make-up features:

  • First of all, the actress applies concealer to her face to help hide skin imperfections, and then uses her favorite mineral powder, BareMinerals Original Foundation, which gives her face a light, precious glow;
  • The model decorates the cheekbones with bronzer or blush;
  • emphasizes eyelashes with a thick layer of brown Babydoll mascara from Yves Saint Laurent;
  • For an evening out, Rosie wears red lipstick, and regular daytime makeup is most often completed with a nude Tom Ford Lip color or Eve Lom balm.

The actress is very fond of weightless, waterproof lipstick Barnpro Longwear, which allows the always-on-the-go star to feel confident and not have to adjust her makeup.
Thick eyebrows are considered one of the model’s calling cards. Rosie never plucks them, making only minimal corrections. A pencil masking gaps and fixing Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear gel helps to emphasize the natural beauty of the model’s brow ridges.

To give her lips more plumpness, Rosie wipes them daily with a terry towel, and then always lubricates them with a moisturizing gel.


Rosie Huntington-Wylie loves fitness. The girl really likes the atmosphere present in group classes. Loud music and dancing, according to the star, create a joyful atmosphere, but the training is especially pleasing with its results.

Rosie, like many other celebrities, prefers to train using the Body By Simone method, created by dancer Simone De La Rue . The class is a 20-minute complex created from cardio exercises and Pilates.

In the photo - Rosie Huntington-Wylie in training

The actress claims that her weak point is the butt, and her strong point is the arms, so she tries to use her buttocks as much as possible in training. The star also conducts classes based on the chiroplasty method, based on the doctrine that all diseases arise due to the incorrect arrangement of bones that compress joints and muscles.

After training, Rosie always goes for a massage, which allows her to relax her muscles after exercise.


The star tries not to starve, but to adhere to the principles of rational and proper nutrition. The star has her own diet, created for her by trainer James Duigan and consisting of several principles.

The principles of nutrition are:

  • in a mandatory breakfast, which occurs within 1 hour after waking up and consists primarily of protein foods;
  • consumption of all products mainly raw or baked;
  • mandatory consumption of water 15 minutes before the start of the main meal, and 15 minutes after its completion;
  • inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, which allows you to quickly saturate the body and fill it with energy;
  • fractional meals, divided into 5 meals, the last of which should be completed no later than 20:00.

In addition to dietary food, Rosie drinks at least 2-3 liters of water daily. The star always starts her morning with a bottle of water, which helps wake up her metabolism and protect her skin from dehydration.

The actress does not like to go hungry and sometimes treats herself to carbohydrate foods, but she always works off the extra calories in the gym.

Photos in underwear and swimsuit

Photos of Rosie Huntington-Wylie in swimsuits and lingerie are part of the work of one of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

In 2009, Rosie undressed for the first time on screen, appearing in an Agent Provocateur lingerie video. In the short film, the model played the role of a beauty whose boyfriend simply forgot to congratulate her on Valentine's Day.

One of Rosie's major erotic photo shoots took place in 2010 for the 2010 Pirelli calendar. Photographer Teri Richards has repeatedly described the photo shoot as something extravagant and outrageously controversial that took place on the Brazilian coast.

In 2011, Rosie appeared in the men's magazine Maxim. The filming of the “British bombshell” lying on the bed in a stunning dark blue set made the model one of the most desirable women of our time, and also gave her 1st place in the HOT-100 list, created according to polls of the publication’s readers.

In 2015, the model completely undressed for a shockingly provocative sexuality photo shoot for the French men's magazine Lui, on the pages of which a completely naked model poses with a snake crawling across her body.
The magazine cover was made in an equally revealing style, showing a naked model dressed in a completely transparent plastic raincoat.

In 2021, on the beaches of a paradise island, Rosie, fully in shape after the birth of her son Jack, demonstrated her own collection of swimwear, Rosie For Autograph, created in collaboration with the Marks & Spencer brand.

A few months later, the model appeared in photographs of her underwear. An elegant beige set, decorated with lilac flowers and worn on the actress’s luxurious body, created the effect of a real bomb, causing a wave of burning male envy towards the actress’s husband, Jason Statham.

In 2019, Huntington-Wyali appeared on the cover and spread of ELLE Australia. This time one of the brightest models of our time tried on surfing suits, new swimsuit models and sexy beach dresses.

Personal life

The actress’s personal life is no less successful than her career. At the age of 20, the model met Tyrone Wood, the son of the guitarist of The Rolling Stones. The couple dated for about 2 years and then broke up. After some time, rumors appeared in the press about Rosie's affair with French actor Olivier Martinez, but the couple's relationship did not last long.

While going through a breakup in 2010, at the COACHELLA music festival, sad Rosie met the famous womanizer Jason Statham. The young people began dating and, despite the critical forecasts of others, after 4 months they began to live together. In February 2021, the couple announced their engagement and purchased a common mansion worth $12.5 million, but things did not come to a wedding.

In 2021, the couple had a son, Jack Oscar, and a second ring appeared on Rosie’s finger, which gave rise to speculation about the secret wedding of the actor and model.

Irina Shayk

The Russian supermodel, who has made a dizzying career in the West, is another owner of lips that leave no one indifferent. Haters scream about plastic surgery until they see photos of a very young Ira even before she started working in modeling. And these photos clearly show that the very young model is very generously gifted by nature.

Irina Shayk

Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about Rosie Huntington-Wylie:

  • The girl did not plan to become a model, although she always dreamed about it. At the age of 16, Rosie sent her resume to a modeling agency, but only wanted to work there as a public relations manager.
  • There are 3 tattoos on the actress’s body: a small heart adorns the inner side of her right hand, a five-pointed star is located on her right ankle, and a hummingbird is painted on her wrist.
  • The actress's favorite music is The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Gregory Isaacs.
  • Rosie loves the TV series Sex and the City and Family Guy.
  • Huntington-Wylie is a distant relative of Queen Victoria of England.
  • Rosie loves to eat delicious food. Her favorite food is bread, French fries and pasta, but most of all the model loves sausages in dough, which she can eat whole plates of and feel absolutely happy about.
  • The model dreams of learning to surf and jump with a parachute.
  • Rosie starred in the video for Kanye West and Farel Williams' Number 1.
  • If the girl had not become a model, she would have wanted to be an interior designer.

One of the most beautiful models of our time is Rosie Huntington-Wylie, a beautiful angel of Victoria's Secrets, demonstrating sexy lingerie and swimsuit in photo shoots.

The beloved woman of Jason Statham and the happy mother of little Jack cannot imagine her life without sausage rolls, loves Sex and the City, and also dreams of teaching all women how to use cosmetics and take care of their bodies.

About hair care

“It’s important to me that hair care is quick and easy. Sometimes I dry them in the evening, apply a nourishing agent, and then put them in a bun, pin them with pins and go to bed. The next morning you get perfect ones, which, if you have time, can be given additional volume with the help of tongs. But when I don’t have time, I can go somewhere with raw hair, loose or tied into a tight bun at the back of my head.”

The future model was born 31 years ago in provincial Plymouth and spent her childhood on a farm among chickens and sheep. But Rosie had little interest in housework: her mother, who worked as a fitness trainer, instilled in the girl a love of sports and fashion.

True, Huntington-Whiteley did not dream of a modeling career - she wanted to become a PR specialist and after school she sent her resume to the position of public relations specialist at a modeling agency. Young Rosie didn’t get the job she wanted, but she was hired as a model and invited to shoot.

The applicant's questionnaire turned out to be a winning lottery ticket: a year later, Rosie made her debut at Fashion Week in New York, and a little later she walked the catwalk in Victoria's Secret lingerie.

Her career developed rapidly: the girl’s photos appeared on the Pirelli calendar, and the name Huntington-Whiteley appeared in the credits of the third part of Transformers and Mad Max.

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