Bags under the eyes, how to get rid of them? Expert advice

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. Therefore, it fades the fastest. This manifests itself in the formation of wrinkles and excess skin due to its stretching. The shape of the eyes loses its expressiveness, which immediately adds a dozen or more years.

How can you correct the situation and return your youthful expression to your eyes? Today there are quite a few ways to do this and they are all gentle.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty

The unique technology of non-surgical blepharoplasty will allow you to restore youthful skin in the eyelid area without surgery and without complications. The effect of the procedure will be no worse than that of expensive plastic surgery. The technology allows you to get rid of sagging skin over the upper eyelids, bags under the eyes and, of course, wrinkles. Another undoubted advantage of the procedure is the absence of a rehabilitation period.

A Clinic successfully uses the technology of non-surgical blepharoplasty DROT (DROT), which was developed by Italian scientists. It is based on a combination of RF radiation and fractional CO2 laser.

For eyelid lifting, S-Pulse and D-Pulse pulses are used, which have not previously been used in laser dermatology. For eyelid surgery, the Stack mode is also used, with which you can vary the depth of penetration of the laser beam. The use of different types of laser pulses in combination with RF radiation allows doctors to work at different depths of the skin, depending on the task at hand. As a result, eyebrows are raised, sagging tissue on the upper and lower eyelids is removed, the skin is noticeably thickened, and wrinkles are smoothed out.

It is extremely important that with DROT blepharoplasty there are no scars on the upper and lower eyelids, changes in the natural shape of the eyes and bruises. Due to the high temperature during laser blepharoplasty, the possibility of microbes entering the skin is eliminated, which means that the risk of infectious diseases and various complications disappears. The rehabilitation period is short and does not imply major changes in the usual pace of life.

The technology can be used to correct existing age-related changes in the periorbital area, as well as for preventive purposes for all skin phototypes. After blepharoplasty, the look immediately becomes open and youthful. And this effect promises to last up to five years.

Briefly: why do dark circles and bags form?

Bags are an accumulation of tissue, usually fat, resulting from their displacement in the lower eyelid area, sometimes it is a skin fold formed due to age-related ptosis. As a rule, bags are an acquired form of aesthetic defect.

Dark circles under the eyes are a thinning of the fat layer in the periorbital area, the visibility of the vascular network through the skin, and rarely, a change in the color of the skin under the eyes (due to congestion and impaired lymphatic drainage). Sometimes dark areas are caused by genetic makeup (deep-set eyes) and can even be observed in children.

The most common types of formations under the eyes are a combination of small bags and dark circles with a clearly defined nasolacrimal trough. Often the manifestation of a problem in the periorbital area is accompanied by stagnant processes in this area, a disruption of the natural microcirculation of biological fluids.

The main tasks of a cosmetologist when correcting these deficiencies are to even out the skin texture in the area of ​​the lower eyelid (which will lead to a visual smoothing of the tear trough), replenish the missing volumes of subcutaneous formations and eliminate hyperpigmentation, if present. To effectively eliminate the problem, therapeutic techniques are necessary - stimulation of microcirculation in the problem area, nutrition and moisturizing of the skin.

American blepharoplasty Fraxel

The Fraxel procedure is performed on the lower and upper eyelids up to the eyelash edge. For this purpose, special narrow (7 mm) nozzles are used. Fraxel is often used to treat crow's feet, lower eyelid wrinkles and upper eyelid tightening.

Fraxel renews human skin and frees it from all defects. A thin laser beam forms thousands of micro-zones of influence on every centimeter of the skin, in which old and defective collagen is destroyed. At the same time, around each microzone of exposure, many viable cells remain, which are activated under the influence of heat. During this process, which can take from several hours to several days, skin free of defects appears in place of each microzone.

After the laser fractional rejuvenation procedure, the skin structure itself changes. It becomes smoother, moisturized, elastic, less susceptible to inflammation and rashes. In this case, the surface of the skin is not injured.

Among other things, Fraxel also solves the problem of dark circles under the eyes. The principle of the Fraxel laser’s effect on pigment spots and areas of hyperpigmentation differs from all common methods. The laser does not act on melanin, but on the cells that synthesize and accumulate this pigment. Thus, old cells in which melanin formation is impaired are replaced with new ones. In place of the area of ​​hyperpigmentation, skin of a natural shade is formed.

We analyze all the remedies against circles and bags under the eyes

1) Creams and ointments.

If we are not talking about professional cosmetics (its cost starts from 3,000 rubles, and it is not sold in the Podruzhka store), then most ointments and creams cannot in any way solve the problem of returning facial fat packets to their place and reducing the pigmentation of the skin itself. Even if you are promised a miraculous transformation, remember that any results are possible only with the use of professional cosmetics and their regular use. Almost 99% of creams recommended in advertising to solve the problem of the under-eye area are marketing gimmicks or outright deception.

The effect of creams and ointments is insignificant. You can improve the condition of the skin somewhat, but lightening pigmentation is only possible with the help of professional cosmetics.

Instant effect cream. We will dwell in detail only on compositions that act instantly and have nothing to do with cosmetology or cosmetics - these are products from the field of professional make-up artists.

An ointment containing silicone components is applied to the area of ​​bags under the eyes ; Water, evaporating, reduces the area of ​​the product, thus tightening the skin bags.

The composition is effective for up to 12 hours, but this area cannot be moisturized, otherwise the entire applied composition will be washed off.

Similar products are available for correcting circles under the eyes - here there is no need to “tighten” the skin, you just need to tint the dark-colored area. The duration of the effect is also up to 12 hours.

Let us repeat, these products have nothing to do with cosmetology.

2) Masks.

An exclusively skincare procedure that will not help in any way from circles and especially from bruises under the eyes. Even “magic” masks made from “virgin cow’s milk”, despite their promises, will not help in any way.

The effect of masks is practically absent.

Massage, which naturally occurs when applying a mask, can indirectly affect the problem and improve microcirculation in the periorbital area. But the mask itself is useless.

3) Patches.

Most patches are advertising promises. From the entire range of proposals, it is worth paying attention to tightening patches (an effect similar to instant creams) and patches with microneedles of hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid applied to the skin under the eyes practically does not solve the problem of pigmentation and bags. However, delivered to the dermis itself, it can improve its condition and even partially reduce pigmentation.

This will not help against bags under the eyes, but if dark circles have not advanced, it will! The patches should have microneedles - cones consisting of hyaluronic acid, with which you need to “pierce” the skin under the eyes and wait for the microcones to dissolve.

This is quite painful and requires a course to achieve results. The cost of patches is from 15,000 rubles per pair. There are many fakes on the market.

4) Biorevitalization.

We are slowly finishing with everyday quackery and moving on to medicine.

Biorevitalization is a procedure for injecting preparations with hyaluronic acid into the dermis to moisturize the skin and give it a healthy appearance.

Separate biorevitalization of the area under the eyes is usually not carried out, but some cosmetologists inject biorevitalizants into the area of ​​the lower eyelid and tear trough, hoping to solve the problem of dark circles.

By improving the condition of the skin (artificially increasing its thickness), you can achieve partial concealment of the dark shade. But unfortunately, biorevitalization does not help with bags under the eyes. Please note that this is a course procedure.

There is an effect from biorevitalization, but only against dark circles under the eyes and with course use.

The disadvantage of the method is that after the procedure, “papules” remain, and if the cosmetologist is inexperienced or without education, then after biorevitalization you will also get hematomas under the eyes from the needle getting into one of the vessels. The effectiveness is very short-acting: while you go through a series of procedures, the result is visible and pleasing, but within a few weeks after the course everything returns to its original form.

Duration of effect after the course: up to 3-5 weeks.

5) Laser biorevitalization

Pure deception!

The biorevitalization procedure involves the introduction of biorevitalizant preparations into the dermis. The laser can either heat the skin or thermally vaporize the tissue. In the first case, the integrity of the skin is not even compromised; in the second case, the areas of the skin after the laser (essentially microburns) will not be able to absorb the composition of the drug.

Rubbing biorevitalizants into the skin is also pointless (there are separate skincare procedures for this), and what does laser have to do with it?

There is no laser biorevitalization procedure; it does not help with circles under the eyes.

Separately, non-ablative laser treatment can rejuvenate the skin, but it will not get rid of dark color in the lower eyelid area.

SMAS-lifting Ulthera System (Altera System)

Superficial muscular aponeurotic system, or SMAS, is the name of the muscular aponeurotic layer of our skin. It is he who is responsible for the clarity and elasticity of the facial contour and it is he who is affected by ultrasonic waves during SMAS lifting.

Micro-focused ultrasound of the Altera System penetrates various layers of the skin - from the superficial to the SMAS - and heats them in a targeted manner. When the temperature in the skin and subcutaneous fat rises, the collagen fibers and connective tissue of the fat layers become denser. The skin begins to tighten. The lifting effect occurs without surgical intervention.

In addition, old collagen begins to break down in the skin and new collagen begins to appear. This happens when the tissues are heated to a certain threshold temperature. After this procedure, it is possible to achieve visual rejuvenation of the skin, its sagging is reduced, and the outer corners of the eyes are raised. The look becomes young again.

The procedure itself is quite comfortable for the patient. The only thing the patient will feel is warmth and a slight tingling sensation. The effect lasts for at least 5 years.

SPRS therapy for the eye area

SPRS therapy is a new word in rejuvenation. Russian technology allows us to rejuvenate our skin from the inside. New skin cells—autofibroblasts—are grown from a small fragment of one’s own skin. They are injected into problem areas.

New skin cells begin to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers, which results in thickening of the skin, smoothing out facial wrinkles, and improving capillary blood circulation. Accordingly, the patient’s skin becomes firm, elastic, its color improves, the number and depth of wrinkles, as well as the severity of age spots, decreases. And the contours of the face become as clear as in their youth.

It should be noted that the medical technology for the use of autologous fibroblasts has another feature - it allows the patient’s skin fibroblasts to be preserved indefinitely. They can be used at any time both to correct age-related changes in the skin, and in case of an unforeseen situation - in case of burns and other injuries that require the immediate use of fibroblasts to restore the integrity of the skin. This preservation of autologous skin fibroblasts represents a kind of “biological insurance system.” For life!

Thermolifting Tripolar ReGen

Tripolar system Tripolar ReGen consists of three or more electrodes with constant switching of poles. This makes it possible to provide exposure to RF energy at different depths.

Due to the more efficient distribution of electrical current in tripolar systems, significantly less power is required and energy distribution is significantly improved. The tripolar system makes it possible to eliminate pain during the thermolifting procedure.

Radio wave exposure heats tissues to 40-42 degrees. Under the influence of such heating, skin cells - fibroblasts - move from an inactive state to a functionally active one and begin to produce collagen and elastin. In addition, under the influence of heat, venous outflow and arterial blood flow to tissues improves. As a result, after several procedures, soft tissue tightening is observed, and skin quality improves due to an increase in collagen and elastin fibers. Thanks to the restoration of arterial circulation, swelling goes away.

Using the Tripolar device, you can lift the eyelid area. Thermal energy promotes a pronounced tightening of the upper and lower eyelids, correction of wrinkles in the outer corner of the eye, elimination of bags under the eyes, and strengthening of the skin around the eyes. The thermolifting procedure using the Tripolar device can be used for express rejuvenation when you need to quickly lose several years!

Causes of swelling under the eyes

In general, there can be a lot of reasons. Let's look at the main ones. Bags under your eyes may appear because you don't get enough sleep. Due to hormonal changes, your body may retain fluid. These changes include pregnancy and menstruation. Perhaps you consume too much salt, cry a lot and for a long time, you are allergic to external irritants, cosmetics. Bags can appear from alcohol and smoking, fatigue, and heart disease. Swelling appears due to strong physical exertion, due to a hernia of the lower eyelid, due to the fact that you do not drink enough. Bags under the eyes can appear due to age.

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Botulinum toxin injections

This popular method allows you to get rid of dynamic (expression) wrinkles, as well as prevent their formation.

This method is recommended by the FDA (the most prestigious medical organization in the USA) as one of the most effective and safe methods for eliminating dynamic wrinkles around the eyes. Its essence is to administer microdoses of inactivated botulinum toxin so that the muscles around the eyes relax and wrinkles go away. The effect of the injections lasts 3-4 months. This time is enough for the wrinkles around the eyes to smooth out. It is necessary to understand that botulinum therapy does not help with sagging skin on the eyelids and swelling.

How to remove swelling?

First of all, you need to understand what causes swelling. This:

  • overwork, lack of sleep;
  • improper diet, for example, excess salt;
  • alcohol;
  • drinking plenty of fluids at night;
  • some diseases, such as kidney failure.

If you do not abuse alcohol, salty foods, rest, and monitor your kidney health, the problem will disappear by itself. Usually the bags appear in the morning and disappear by lunchtime. Getting rid of such swelling is simple:

  • Apply brewed tea bags or chamomile to your eyes and hold for 20 minutes. It is better to freeze the bags first.
  • Rub your eyelids with ice cubes. You can use frozen herbal infusions rather than water.

These simple methods eliminate only minor morning swelling.
But they are powerless against age-related changes. Compresses can tighten sagging skin for a short time, but after a couple of hours the cosmetic effect will disappear. Another reason for the appearance of edema is medical:

  • kidney problems;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • metabolic disorders.

Cosmetics will not eliminate the defect; you need to contact a therapist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, nephrologist.

Biorevitalization MesoEye

MesoEye C71 (Mesoeye) is a new injection drug containing a complex of unique peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and a number of other microelements that are ideal for the prevention and correction of age-related changes in the area around the eyes.

Using the Mesoeye C71 filler (Mesoeye), dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and drooping eyelids, dullness, dry skin and wrinkles around the eyes are eliminated. Injections of this drug allow you to achieve 3 effects at once: biorevitalization, contouring and mesotherapy. The revolutionary feature of this drug is its powerful activation of metabolism. It eliminates the whole complex of changes associated with poor blood circulation, as well as lymph stagnation.

Unlike injection products containing only hyaluronic acid, the effect in this case is more complex and is due to the action of three main active components at once:

PeriOrbital Peptide XP2 is a patented synthetic peptide, the main property of which is the normalization of the condition of blood vessels. Relieves spasm of arteries, dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation in tissues. It also normalizes the tone of the veins and reduces the permeability of the vascular wall to fluid, which leads to the outflow of blood from the tissues of the periorbital area.

Hexapeptide 17 is another peptide that has powerful lymphatic drainage, lipomodelling and vasoprotective effects. Simply put, it promotes the gradual resorption of edema and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

DRMC complex is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with a density of 0.4%, as well as more than 50 amino acids and microelements that help moisturize, tighten and generally improve the condition of the skin. Most of them have proven effectiveness and are regularly used in a variety of cosmetic preparations, mainly in mesotherapy cocktails.

As a result of the work of all these components, local blood circulation and microcirculation improve, and restoration processes are activated. This helps eliminate congestion, swelling, bags, swelling and other signs of impaired lymph flow.

In addition, protection is created against damage to collagen fibers by blood glucose - glycation. Thanks to this, they restore their elasticity and density, sagging disappears, and a lifting effect is achieved. Moisturizing the skin improves its color, eliminates age-related phenomena associated with its dryness - lethargy, fine wrinkles, sagging.

In addition, Mesoeye C71 ideally compensates for the lack of subcutaneous tissue, evens out the relief, and makes the skin denser. With its help, shadows and circles under the eyes are eliminated, and a pronounced tightening effect is achieved without surgery. The effect of Mesoeye C71 injections occurs almost instantly. To achieve optimal results, a course of injections is recommended at intervals of 7-10 days.

Depending on the nature and severity of the problems, the number of procedures can range from three to six. After this, the effect will last for 24-30 months. In the future, to maintain it, it will be enough to perform one procedure every six months. The most pronounced aesthetic effect is observed in patients aged 40 years and older.

Service cost

Treatment of bags under the eyes in cosmetology at the Marina Ryabus Clinic will cost individually in each case. Below are prices for the most popular services.

Mesoai/Mesoscalpt (1 ml)14 700,00
Liftera-A (ultrasonic lifting) eyes + forehead20 000,00
Fotona Smooth Eye15 000,00
Fotona 4D25 000,00
Radiesse (1.5 ml)27 000,00
Sculptra (5 ml)45 000,00

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Marina Ryabus Clinic is a center for anti-aging medicine with an approach understandable to business people. We clearly build a patient management strategy, show results at every stage and guarantee constant support on the path to excellence.

Contour plastic of the periorbital area Belotero (Belotero)

Belotero dermal filler consists of cross-linked (stitched together into a mesh polymer) hyaluronic acid molecules, which increases its ability to retain more moisture and trigger skin renewal processes many times faster.

Belotero Soft is used to correct the area around the eyes. This drug has the lowest concentration of hyaluronic acid. It is injected superficially or into the middle layers of the skin.

The Belotero line provides results that are immediately noticeable, leaving the face with a natural, rested and youthful appearance. The effect is noticeable even after 12-18 months.

When injected, Belotero fillers completely and uniformly fill the injection area, providing a natural effect and a smooth transition between correction zones.

Before correction, no allergy tests are required, since Belotero fillers are not products of animal origin, are highly biocompatible and are completely biodegradable. Belotero fillers are so easily integrated into the tissue that, unlike other fillers, they do not feel like a foreign body when touching the correction area. The effect can last up to 2 years.

Contour plastic surgery of the periorbital area AestheFill

This hydrogel is based on polylactic acid, which has been successfully used in medicine for more than 20 years and is part of a self-absorbable suture material for surgical threads and pins. In a certain consistency it is used to correct the area around the eyes.

As soon as the drug enters the skin, it begins to actively fill the voids that form as a result of skin aging and the loss of its own structural proteins. Once in the target area, the drug particles begin an immediate process of tissue renewal and collagen formation, due to which the volume is completely replenished and even deep wrinkles are smoothed out. This happens precisely because of the special properties of AestheFill molecules, which, due to their porous structure, provide the most effective collagenogenesis. Fibroblasts (skin cells) begin to work.

In addition, polylactic acid actively stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by mature skin cells. The uniqueness of the filler is that after the disintegration and complete removal of its main active substance from the body (on average, this process takes 3–4 months), what remains at the location of the gel is not a void, but new collagen and elastin. Accordingly, the result will last a long time - until the moment when, under the influence of age factors, the breakdown of your own collagen and elastin begins. At this point the procedure can be repeated.

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