Victoria Odintsova. Photos before and after plastic surgery, in a swimsuit, height, weight, age, body measurements, biography

Biography and parameters

Date of BirthNovember 15, 1993
Place of BirthSt. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Height171 cm.
Breast92 cm.
Waist63 cm.
Hips90 cm.
Hair colorDark blond
Clothing size44
Shoe size39

Star appearance

The girl has a typical European appearance; Vika is Russian by nationality.

According to modeling agency experts, she has the ideal appearance parameters:

Height, cmWeight, kgBust sizeHip volume, cmBust volume, cmWaist size, cmClothing sizeEye color
175 cm55392906044brown

Since 2015, the girl has stuck to her natural hair color – dark brown. In previous years, Vika dyed her hair black.

Victoria Odintsova, whose photos demonstrate her ideal figure parameters, has 4 tattoos:

  • inscription located on the collarbone;
  • inscription on the wrist of the right hand;
  • letters located on the back of the left hand;
  • The girl got a cross tattoo on her back.

As a teenager, the girl was overweight, which she got rid of with the help of intensive training and adjusting her diet. Plastic surgery (2015) performed by the star helped correct the shape of her lips, chest and nose.

About appearance and complexes

Photo: @viki_odintcova

Photo: @viki_odintcova

Photo: @viki_odintcova
I am very categorical with myself, I am rarely satisfied with what I have done, everything can always be a maximum of 90%, the remaining 10% is always dissatisfaction with myself.

I can wake up, look in the mirror and think that I don't like myself. And tomorrow I’ll wake up and think: “How beautiful I am, how lucky someone will be.”

I had a complex as a teenager - large breasts. I already had good breasts at school, and, yes, they are my own.

The early years of Victoria Odintsova

Victoria Odintsova was born on November 15, 1993 in St. Petersburg. Almost nothing is known about the girl’s parents. Vika never talked about them on social networks, because for her family is too personal to share. The only thing that is known from the model’s Instagram is that her parents have been together for 25 years.

The endless month in Moscow is finally over and tomorrow I’m leaving for the warmth?? #vikiodintcova #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels Ph: @a_mavrin ?

Posted by Viki Odintcova (@viki_odintcova) Dec 14, 2021 at 8:40 PST

Victoria remembers her childhood with warmth: “I have always been a little dreamer. I really liked to dream before going to bed—to visualize, to come up with different stories in my head.” One day, when she arrived at her parents’ house, she came across an old children’s personal diary. It was funny to read that little Vika wanted to become a model in the future.

“I have always been a little dreamer. I really liked to dream before going to bed—to visualize, to come up with different stories in my head.”

In one of the interviews, the model said that her favorite games in childhood were Cossack robbers. Vika also often played dominoes and chess with her friends. She laughed, remembering how the grandfathers sitting in the yard importantly moved chess or bent thoughtfully over dominoes. “And then we ran and took their places, and with the same serious faces we moved the pieces around the board,” shares Odintsova.

As a teenager, Vika studied choreography. She admits that it was a very useful experience, which helps her to this day. After school, Odintsova entered Perm State University. It was during her student years that Victoria discovered the world of modeling.

Victoria Odintsova now

In 2021, Vicky took part in the extreme project “Stars in Africa”. Another show where celebrities test their strength, introduced Odintsova not only to the climate and fauna of a continent hitherto unknown to her. It also taught me a useful skill - meeting strangers and being with them for a long time in a confined space. In an interview, the model said that she managed to adapt to the new conditions, but each test caused a storm of emotions in her and completely turned her mind upside down.

The TV show was hosted by Mikhail Galustyan and Olga Buzova. Among the participants in the project were Victoria Bonya, Alexey Yagudin, Aiza, Mitya Fomin and other representatives of Russian show business. The most difficult thing, according to most adventurers, was the constant hunger.

Modeling career of Victoria Odintsova

Vika got into a modeling agency at the age of 17 thanks to her brother, who believed in her strength and took her to a modeling school. Then she began to participate in photo shoots and fashion shows. “At first I saw it as fun,” the model shares. Moreover, the first steps were not entirely successful. It happened that the young model was often rejected at castings, but Victoria did not allow herself to become discouraged or, especially, to give up. On the contrary, it served as an excellent incentive to work hard on myself.

“I don’t think I’ve achieved any great success. I’m still on the road and conquering new heights every day.”

Three years later, her photographs were noticed by the famous photographer Alexander Mavrin, founder of the MAVRIN studio. Serious projects appeared in the life of the model and free time disappeared. Victoria has become very much in demand in the modeling business and has gained worldwide popularity. She is not afraid to participate in provocative nude photo shoots, because she believes that one should be proud of one's assets, and not hide them.

When asked about her fame, Vika modestly but confidently answers: “I don’t think that I have achieved any great success. I’m still on the road and conquering new heights every day.”

At the moment, Odintsova continues to work with the MAVRIN models team and travels with them around the world. She loves Europe, but at the same time she is madly in love with the ocean and endless sandy beaches. Her favorite European cities are Rome and Barcelona, ​​and she definitely loves enjoying the ocean in Bali.

Alexander Mavrin is a man who endlessly admires and whom the model respects very much. She likes his creativity and how easy and interesting it is to collaborate with him. However, in one of the interviews, Vika admitted that she dreams of working with such legendary photographers as Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino and Peter Lindbergh, and does everything possible to achieve her goals.

In the summer of 2015, Victoria Odintsova fulfilled one small dream - she appeared on the cover of the men's magazine Playboy. Country style photography was carried out by Albert Plekhov.

Victoria Odintsova in Playboy magazine

Everyone knows that Mavrin’s photographic works often cause dissonance on the Internet - some are delighted with them, while others bring down a barrage of criticism on them. Thus, Victoria’s risky and, in the opinion of many, rash act became the most discussed in the media.

“Every time I look at the photos, my palms sweat. I can’t believe I was able to do this.”

In the winter of 2021, Odintsova, together with Mavrin’s team and professional roofer Oleg, nicknamed Cricket, went to the roof of a skyscraper in Dubai for the most extreme shooting. The girl hung over the abyss without any insurance. There were several hundred meters below her, and she herself was tightly holding Oleg’s hand. In order to prove to the public that this all really happened, Odintsova uploaded photographs from different angles to the network, and a little later a video was released showing the model’s almost free fall in all its glory. Not everyone on the Internet liked this craving for popularity, but the result was achieved - Victoria Odintsova is being talked about and her activities are being vigorously discussed. Vika admits that she experienced incredible emotions during the shooting: “Every time I look at the photos, my palms sweat. I can’t believe I was able to do this.”

Victoria Odintsova on the roof of a skyscraper in Dubai with roofer Cricket

Polina Malinovskaya before plastic surgery

There is an opinion that Polina Malinovskaya, like many other public figures, had plastic surgery, in particular, breast enlargement. It’s hard to agree with this, since the girl looks quite natural for her young age. She has regular facial features, but the “doll-like” look is not visible on it.

Photo of Polina Malinovskaya as a teenager.

Polina Malinovskaya’s VK group has survived online (, where she published her photos while still a teenager. If you compare these photographs with the current ones, you can see that there is no “Before” and “After”. It cannot be said that the girl’s appearance has changed much. She got older, and that's all. Polly’s teenage photos show that her lips were already plump then, which means that this part of the body was not subject to the intervention of specialists.

Photo by Polina Malinovskaya from 2013

Filming in videos

In addition to working as a fashion model, Victoria is also mastering acting. In the fall of 2021, a video for the song “I Like” by Yegor Creed, the model’s former lover, was released. What could a video be like that features two lovers? Throughout the entire video we see very explicit scenes where Vika appears to the audience almost completely naked. The couple noted that despite the scenes of a sexual nature, the clip does not look vulgar or vulgar at all. On the contrary, it turned out to be very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. To date, the video clip has received 20 million views on Youtube.

Victoria Odintsova in Yegor Creed's video “I Like”

The model also received a cameo role in the Leningrad group’s video for the song “Kolshchik.”

Children of Yegor Creed

After the video for the song “Daddy’s Daughter” was shot, a new question arose: Do Yegor Creed’s children exist on Earth? We inform you that not yet. Although Yegor Creed himself really wants to become a father before the age of 25. At this age, a person is already self-sufficient and independent, and some experience appears. As the artist himself notes, these are the time frames when both father and child swim on the same wave, are in the same generation. Thus, they will be connected by many common interests, the father will be able to understand the child more, which will lead to a reduction in possible conflicts.

Children of Yegor Creed

If he talks about the gender of the child, then Yegor Creed really wants a son, but if a daughter is born, then this will in no way upset the young singer.

Personal life of the model

The personal life of Victoria Odintsova has long been the subject of general speculation, discussion and rumors. The young, successful and incredibly beautiful model has been spotted more than once surrounded by rich and famous men. But Vika herself rarely comments on relationships.

So, while vacationing in Sri Lanka, the model was unable to take a break from prying eyes and gossip. She was noticed in the company of Comedy Club resident Timur Batrudinov and immediately began writing about the girl’s new novel. Although both Vika and Timur answered more than once that they came on vacation with friends, and there could be no talk of any romantic relationships.

“I was never in a romantic relationship with Fernando Alonso and did not even know him. Moreover, I didn’t even know who it was until these rumors appeared in the media.”

They even tried to set her up with Pavel Durov, when the founder of VKontakte and the model met and began to communicate closely during an advertising campaign for the application. However, the rumors remained rumors.

Travel a lot and sometimes in Moscow. Glad that today it is possible to reconcile with @guess show you my city. #WorldofGUESS #GUESS photo: @a_mavrin clothes: @guess #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels #VikiOdintcova #Moscow #LoveGuess

Posted by Viki Odintcova (@viki_odintcova) Aug 30, 2021 at 4:35 PDT

In the spring of 2021, more than one article appeared on the Internet that Victoria Odintsova began dating Fernando Alonso, a Formula 1 pilot. Even Victoria herself does not know where such gossip came from. She commented on her relationship with Alonso: “I was never in a romantic relationship with Fernando Alonso and did not even know him. Moreover, I didn’t even know who it was until these rumors appeared in the media.”

They started talking about their relationship with Yegor Creed during the filming of the video for the song “I Like,” where Victoria got the main role. The young people began to spend a lot of time together. Their relationship simply could not go unnoticed. However, what happened between Victoria and Yegor is known only to the two of them. Therefore, no one can say exactly when their romance began and ended.

Victoria Odintsova and Yegor Creed

Odintsova has written more than once on social networks that she does not want to share details of her personal life with the public and wants to keep it secret from prying eyes. But one way or another, it will not be possible to hide everything. In December 2021, a video appeared on the page of blogger Justin Kalani Burbage in which he and Victoria kiss each other while standing in a hotel room wearing only towels. Whether they are dating now, or it was a fleeting romance, one can only guess.

Result and life after

Plastic surgery helped a girl with a pleasant appearance achieve stellar heights in her modeling career. Probably, without them she would have remained a pretty provincial girl.

Today Vika Odintsova works with leading modeling agencies both in Russia and abroad. She appears on the covers of reputable glossy magazines, and also appears in videos of famous performers. The name of Victoria Odintsova was learned after the release of the video for the song by Yegor Creed.

In addition to a successful career, the girl has a very successful personal life. She is credited with having affairs with the best handsome men in the country - Timur Batrudinov, Yegor Creed, Pavel Durov and others. But the girl claims that she is only in friendly and professional relationships. She prefers not to talk about her personal life.

Changes in appearance and beauty secrets

Today Victoria Odintsova is a decoration for any printed or electronic publication. The girl has everything - ideal parameters, beautiful lush breasts, sexy plump lips, a neat nose and smooth hair. But few people know that Victoria before and after plastic surgery are two completely different people. In one of the interviews, for some reason the girl answered that she had never had surgery. However, the result speaks for itself.

During her school years, Vika was a completely ordinary girl. Yes, she was pretty, but nothing more, and due to the high competition in the modeling business, you need to be bright, memorable and not like ordinary girls. It is for this reason that at the very beginning of her modeling career she heard: “You are not suitable for us.” The first successes and first victories gave Odintsova strength and self-confidence. It was then that she began to change dramatically.

Victoria Odintsova before and after plastic surgery

It only took her a few months for there to be no trace left of the old version of Vicki. She enlarged her lips and breasts, changed the shape of her nose, eyebrows and hair color. However, the matter was not limited to operations and procedures. A lot of sports appeared in the life of the young model, and in general, her lifestyle changed dramatically. Intense training bears fruit, because no diet or cosmetic procedure will make the body so fit and sexy.

The main motto of the model: “Don’t be like everyone else!” She is not afraid of change and believes that proper correction of the face and body only improves a person, and this is the only way to find harmony with oneself. Until you like your reflection in the mirror, you will not be one hundred percent confident in yourself and what you do.

Especially for you, we have prepared several videos from photo shoots by Victoria Odintsova and the Mvarin studio, as well as a selection of her best photos from the Internet.

Training and nutrition

Victoria Odintsova travels a lot, but always tries to stay in shape. The model prefers cardio exercise, swimming in the pool and walking. Vicky goes to the gym or trains on the outdoor sports ground at least 4 times a week.

Victoria's personal trainer constantly changes the fashion model's fitness program. Power loads are reduced as much as possible so that the girl does not lose her seductive forms. Odintsova prefers high-intensity training with elements of strength and explosive exercises. Each session ends with stretching.

Odintsova adheres to a strict calorie-restricted diet. Confectionery and flour products, semi-finished products, fast food, sugar and alcohol are excluded from the model’s menu. The number of meals per day is 5-6. The model carefully calculates the energy value, as well as the nutritional value of each product. The basis of the diet is fresh vegetables and fruits, protein is represented by lean types of meat and fish. Salad dressings serve as a source of fat.

Photo sessions of Victoria Odintsova

Backstage. Victoria Odintsova in Playboy magazine

Photo of charming Victoria Odintsova in a swimsuit on the beach

Photo shoot of Victoria Odintsova in Maxim magazine

Here is a new selection of charming Vicky for Maxim magazine in 2019!

Watch and enjoy the video too!


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