Reshetova before and after plastic surgery + photo and biography of Nastya

Anastasia Reshetova is a famous model, blogger and ex-girlfriend of the popular rapper Timati. The brunette's appearance, polished to perfection by plastic surgery, is discussed daily by Instagram users. The girl herself stirs up interest in herself by posting her pictures on social networks. On the Internet you can also find photographs showing Anastasia Reshetova before and after plastic surgery.

Lip surgery and mammoplasty

Looking through the photographs, you can see that Alena Shishkova had beautiful lips before plastic surgery, but this was not enough for the girl. She enlarged her lips, while changing their shape. At random girls, the lips look very natural and harmonious. But it remains a secret how the girl achieved such excellent results. Her lips do not look vulgar; the celebrity uses only delicate lipstick colors, which makes her look very romantic.

Fans also noticed how much the girl’s bust had changed. After birth, Alena Shishkova had breast surgery. The famous model was not satisfied with the way her breasts looked after giving birth, and she boldly set out to correct the shortcomings. Now, at every photo shoot, the model proudly shows off her changed shape to her fans.

How many times did Nastya “go under the knife”?

In 2014, the beauty deservedly received the title of “Vice Miss Russia,” but it was this event that served as the reason for change. Anastasia Reshetova is a very self-confident girl: she always knew that she would achieve all her goals and become successful. To be more convincing, she decided to slightly adjust her appearance.

It is known for sure that the beauty enlarged her lips and had rhinoplasty (nose correction). If you look closely at the star's photographs, you will notice how her cheekbones have changed, but many followers say that this is nothing more than the art of makeup.

It is not known for certain whether Reshetova had her breasts enlarged, but judging by the photographs, the hand of a talented surgeon did touch her bust. Modernity dictates a certain standard of beauty, someone decided that just such an image would be attractive, and girls without exception began to copy it. The proof will be thousands of identical photos on Instagram, in which it is often even impossible to understand that these are different women.

Thickly made-up eyes a la Kim Kardashian, large lips, emphasized cheekbones, a slender figure and impressive breasts: if the media needs such a girl, then Anastasia Reshetova definitely fits this standard.


A few years ago, the girl didn’t even think about a career in show business. However, life turned out differently, and Anastasia Reshetova does not regret it. The girl’s height and weight allowed her to become an excellent model and act in advertisements not only for cosmetics and clothing, but also for sporting goods.

At the age of 17, Anastasia Reshetova attended a beauty contest as a spectator. But representatives of the Miss Russia show couldn’t help but notice such a bright girl. They invited the girl to participate in the competition. Without hoping for success, she became a representative of her hometown of Moscow. Due to the fact that her participation in the competition was spontaneous, she did not have time to thoroughly prepare for it, so she often improvised. Perhaps this is what won over the judges. Anastasia Reshetova reached the finals, but still failed to take first place. She received the nomination of first runner-up.

At the end of the beauty contest, Anastasia successfully signed several advertising contracts. Participated in fashion shows.

In April 2021, it is planned to release her autobiographical book, in which she will talk about the secrets of beauty and figure. Today, Reshetova is the owner of a beauty clinic in Moscow and plans to open another one. She has already achieved a lot for her age and is undoubtedly an excellent example for young girls.

Plastic surgery by Anastasia Reshetova

Maintaining impeccable beauty is a difficult matter, and therefore many believe that Reshetova had plastic surgery:

  • Lips,
  • Breast,
  • Cheekbones.

Although it's hard to believe, the rumors are true. If you compare photos of Anastasia Reshetova before and after plastic surgery, it becomes clear that this is not just a change in image, but plastic changes in appearance as a whole. It is unknown where Anastasia Reshetova had plastic surgery, but this is reliable information.

At the moment, the star’s plans are to try his hand at cinematography. She also recently starred in her beloved’s video. In addition, Anastasia is involved in several other business projects.

  1. Reshetova is a co-owner of a health and beauty clinic.
  2. She is preparing to open her own beauty salon.
  3. I tried myself as a designer and is launching a new line of clothing (jackets).
  4. At the beginning of 2021, Anastasia’s book “Today I woke up different” was published. In it, she described secrets about maintaining a figure, slimness and healthy eating.

Now Anastasia still lives with her beloved husband Timothy. If we talk about her sister and father, then she maintains a close connection with them and it is not even noticeable that just a few years ago there was a great breakdown of the family.

Timati's mom told how she feels about Anastasia Reshetova and Alena Shishkova

Timati with his daughter Alisa and Anastasia Reshetova
The rapper has not been together with Alena for a long time, they have a five-year-old daughter Alisa, whom her parents adore, and Nastya is now expecting a child from Timati - and still there are those who continue to compare the girls. So, when photos from Timati’s birthday celebration in the Maldives appeared online, it became clear that Alena was not invited there. This, oddly enough, surprised many. They addressed their surprise to Timati’s mother, and she answered all the curious:

I am an adult and I understand the feelings of women well... but there are children and they will always have a Mom and Dad. There is Alice and her mother. There are Nastya and Timur. These are two different stories, but I assure you that any of these girls can count on my help if needed. The family grows, but this does not mean that someone becomes an outcast. There are no former mothers and fathers, there are people who do not give themselves the trouble to work on relationships, even if they are in the past. We are all learning to accept and respect each other, although this is sometimes very difficult... (Hereinafter, the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved. - Ed.)

- Simone wrote.

Alena Shishkova and Timati with daughter Alisa

Alena Shishkova with her daughter Alisa

Timati with his mother Simona and daughter Alisa

She urged people to be wiser and look at life more broadly:

Simona Yunusova and Timati

And Timati’s mother once again proved that she will always be on her son’s side:

And now I will answer the question that excites the minds of my subscribers. I love my children too much to ignore their choices... I hope this will end the conversations, comparisons and speculation. Thank you for your understanding and I promise to keep you updated on all the events happening in our family.

Of course, this is unlikely to calm the haters who continue to explain to Timati and his loved ones who is more suitable for him, but the rapper himself does not pay attention to this, but is busy with more important thoughts - very soon he will become a dad for the second time!

Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova and Timati

Timati with his daughter Alisa

Anastasia Reshetova now

Anastasia continues to run the business now; her salon is expanding every day, which allows her to serve a larger number of visitors at the same time. However, when in March 2021, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin called on all residents and businessmen to observe quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, Reshetova allegedly decided to make money on it. She not only did not close the establishment, but also notified subscribers in her stories about the availability of hand sanitizers in her salon, which were in great short supply at that time.

This action caused indignation on the part of Nastya’s subscribers; most accused her of commercialism and a desire to profit from people’s misfortune. This lasted until Reshetova decided to close the salon to prevent the spread of infection. At the same time, in an interview, its commercial director noted that the salon had previously observed measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to the woman, before entering the premises, all clients had their temperature taken and were given shoe covers and medical masks.

At the end of 2020, it became known that the TNT channel announced a casting for participation in the new show “You are a top model!” Anastasia was chosen to lead the project. Reshetova's co-hosts are Gosha Kartsev and Alexander Gudkov.

Correction of appearance: if there was, then what?

After the girl starred in Timati’s video, she was subjected to active criticism due to being too thin. But the girl did not consider it necessary to be offended by criticism, but drew conclusions from the current situation. She decided to gain some weight and actively engage in sports. She shared with her fans that she no longer intended to exhaust herself with diets and achieve excessive thinness. At the end of the Miss Russia beauty contest, as time passed, fans began to discuss that Reshetova had undergone plastic surgery. The girl’s external appearance quickly changed, and this could not be done without professional surgical intervention. First, the nose underwent changes. The performed rhinoplasty had a good effect on her: in the published photos of Anastasia Reshetova after the correction, you can see how the nose changed its shape - it became thinner and neater. The updated nose is in great harmony with the aristocratic cheekbones of the slimmer model, which replaced the plump cheeks that she had before she lost weight.

Photos of seventeen-year-old Reshetova published on a social network quite clearly indicate the changed volume of the lips, which have become more sensual and much more expressive as a result of the procedure performed on them. Then Nastya shared with her subscribers that, tired of her voluminous lips, she decided to remove the hyaluronic acid and return her former naturalness to her appearance. Anastasia, before participating in Miss Russia, did not have large breasts. But now, in published photographs where she is shown in swimsuits of various styles, Nastya demonstrates amazing forms. When comparing photos of Anastasia Reshetova before and after, plastic surgeons quite confidently claim that the bust has been enlarged. The girl herself openly talks about the operations and cosmetic procedures performed. Although Anastasia was never an ugly duckling before plastic surgery, manipulations to improve her appearance were beneficial and made her a star on social networks and the envy and admiration of her fans.


Author: Regina Morzhova

Love or calculation?

In an interview, Reshetova claimed that Timati’s money and popularity do not matter to her. “For me, in any case, he is the best man and a 100% winner,” said Anastasia.

At the same time, users have repeatedly paid attention to the expensive gifts that the model receives from her star lover. In 2016, for her 20th birthday, Reshetova received a ring from the Graff jewelry house from Timati.

The jewelry is made of platinum and is decorated with a rare yellow diamond weighing 36 carats.

In 2021, for her 20th birthday, Reshetova received a ring from the Graff jewelry house from Timati. The jewelry is made of platinum and is decorated with a rare yellow diamond weighing 36 carats.

According to experts, the decoration can cost from 50 to 300 thousand dollars (from 4 to 24 million rubles). The girl boasted a photo of the gift on her Instagram, after which she deleted the photo.

Photo: instagram / volkonskaya.reshetova

Two years later, Timati bought his beloved a Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4, the price of which starts at 20 million rubles.

Photo: instagram / volkonskaya.reshetova

At the same time, Reshetova herself does not deny that she cannot afford such expensive acquisitions. In fact, the girl does not even have a full-fledged education or profession. Nastya entered Moscow State University to study journalism, but could not concentrate on her studies as a model. She had to leave the university.

Now the girl is studying in absentia at the Faculty of Civil Service and Municipal Administration of the Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law.

In 2021, Nastya went into business and became a co-founder of the Anatomia Beauty Clinic. A year later, she created the clothing brand In.Hype. She also wrote a book about beauty, “One Day I Woke Up Different.” Founded the beauty salon Inhype beauty zone.

How the life of a model has changed after plastic surgery

Anastasia Reshetova is called the “Russian Kim Kardashian” thanks to her shape and clothing style. Photos before and after plastic surgery make it clear what dramatic changes she has achieved in her appearance. She gained popularity not only thanks to her participation in the All-Russian beauty contest.

It was the changes in her appearance that allowed her to achieve success in her career:

  • the girl took part in the filming of music videos for her boyfriend, the famous musician Timati;
  • became a co-founder of the Anatomy beauty clinic;
  • has a huge number of followers on social media. networks and does not hide the fact that this is part of her income. She receives large income from advertising;
  • released a book in which she shares her secrets of beauty and success;
  • began producing branded personalized clothing.

Anastasia differs from many colleagues in the modeling business: her passion for plastic surgery did not allow her to spoil the girl’s natural characteristics. Appearance is the calling card of any model, which is why to achieve the peak of popularity the girl resorted to radical transformations of her appearance.

She managed to maintain a balance of naturalness, emphasizing natural features.

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What plastic surgeries did Anastasia Reshetova perform?

While followers are wondering what plastic procedures Anastasia resorted to, experts in the field of aesthetic medicine give their assessment. One of them is Hayk Babayan. He carefully studied the photos of Anastasia before and after the proposed operations. The surgeon came to the conclusion that plastic surgery was present. He believes that aesthetic medicine did not spoil the girl, but advised her to stop in time.


The fact that the girl changed the shape of her nose is obvious. In earlier photos it was not as thin and did not look as graceful. According to the specialist, rhinoplasty did not distort the proportions of the face, goes well with sharp cheekbones and generally did not harm the appearance.

Rhinoplasty did not spoil Anastasia’s natural characteristics


The plastic surgeon believes that the Instagram star has enlarged her lips and this is obvious. They became clearly more voluminous, their outlines changed. But the girl did not cross her boundaries. Lush lips look a little unnatural, but do not spoil the overall picture. Anastasia herself admitted to her fans that she had lip augmentation. But she got rid of hyaluronic fillers a long time ago. Now, the model claims, her lips have regained their naturalness.

Cheeks and cheekbones.

Anastasia corrected the contours of her face. It is clearly evident that she did not get such prominent cheekbones from nature. First of all, she got rid of Bish's lumps (these are accumulations of fat in the cheek area, they expand the contours of the face). Those who want to make their face narrower and more prominent get rid of them with the help of plastic surgery. But this is not the only intervention. Most likely, she added volume to her cheekbones using hyaluronic acid fillers.

After contouring:

"Beauty injections."

Anastasia shared with fans information that she regularly gets beauty injections. According to her, she maintains youthful skin through mesotherapy. The essence of the procedure is that the necessary biologically active substances are injected under the skin using injections. However, most likely, the recognition was a simple hidden advertisement for her own beauty clinic.


It couldn't have happened without her either. The volume of the bust has increased significantly compared to the shape that the model showed in the early photos of the Miss Russia era. Now the girl quite often pleases fans with revealing images with a deep neckline.

Before and after mammoplasty


In addition to her breasts, Reshetova also inserted implants into her buttocks. This is evidenced by her rather massive hips and “Brazilian butt,” which are completely atypical for her asthenic figure type. In addition, an unnaturally sharp transition from the thin base of the back to the lush buttocks is visible. It is worth noting that Anastasia’s hip circumference is as much as 100 cm; for a model, such “footage” is quite unusual. But against its background, the waist looks like an aspen.

After gluteoplasty:

Fresh sorrel and tomato salad

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Heihe salad of vegetables and funchose

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Milana and Alexander Kerzhakov refuse to comment on rumors of infidelity...

Removing Bisha's lumps

From photographs of the 2014 model during her participation in the All-Russian beauty contest and receiving the title “Vice Miss,” you can see that her face is quite round and her cheeks are plumper. In pursuit of her ideals of beauty, Anastasia resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

To do this, the girl decided to remove small areas of fat on her cheeks - Bisha's lumps. This made it possible to give the face an aristocratic appearance: it became more angular and strict. This procedure allows you to create a slimming effect on the face, outlining sharp cheekbones and sunken cheeks.

Anastasia received a clear contour thanks to hyaluronic fillers.

How Anastasia Reshetova loses weight: menu and recipes ^

Rules for losing weight by Anastasia Reshetova:

  • It is recommended to remove all unhealthy foods from your diet: fried foods, smoked foods, pickles, flour. Those with a sweet tooth can afford a couple of pieces of chocolate a week;
  • The basis of nutrition should be vegetables, berries, fruits, lean varieties of fish and meat, herbs, cereals, low-fat dairy products.

Anastasia Reshetova's diet for weight loss: menu

How Anastasia Reshetova’s diet is structured:

  • In the morning she eats oatmeal with berries, drinks unsweetened tea or coffee;
  • He eats an apple for a snack;
  • Lunch on dietary pasta;
  • Has an afternoon snack with fruit salad;
  • Dinner is pilaf and a piece of chicken breast.

Menu recipes

Pasta recipe

  • Chop the champignons and fry them in vegetable oil;
  • Add cream and soy sauce to the mushrooms, fry, stirring;
  • Boil the spaghetti in boiling water for no more than 8 minutes;
  • Add mushroom garnish to pasta.

Pilaf recipe

  • Fill a glass of rice with water and leave for 3 hours;
  • Chop the onions and bell peppers, fry them all in a slow cooker;
  • Add pieces of meat, fry for 10 minutes;
  • Place the rice in the bowl, after rinsing it under water;
  • Add water, salt and spices;
  • Cook in the “pilaf” mode for no more than 1 hour.

Fruit salad recipe

  • Cut off the cap from the orange, use a spoon to remove the pulp so that a kind of bowl is formed from the peel;
  • Grind the pulp of an orange, banana, apple;
  • Place 2 tsp inside the bowl. strawberry jam and add orange pulp, add 1 tsp. honey;
  • Pour the chopped apple on top, add jam and decorate with a circle of kiwi.

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Model business

At the age of 17, Anastasia Reshetova was present as a spectator in the hall where the Miss University competition was held.

There the organizers of Miss Russia drew attention to her and invited her to the casting. Nastya went through many stages and, to her own great surprise, was chosen to participate in the main show

The girl represented her native Moscow at the All-Russian beauty contest and achieved unexpected success.

Anastasia Reshetova at the Miss Russia competition

Anastasia Reshetova did not prepare for the performance, so she went on stage “from scratch” and improvised a lot. Perhaps it was precisely this circumstance that allowed Reshetova to look natural and reach the finals of the competition. In the end, the girl failed to win, but the title of first vice-miss of Russia 2014 went to Anastasia, which the model was incredibly happy about.

The girl also maintains a personal account on Instagram, where she promotes her image and creativity. Anastasia Reshetova’s updates on this platform are followed by a million-strong army of subscribers. Her account can be called a professional portfolio or official website rather than an average page on a social network.

Anastasia Reshetova in a swimsuit

The girl posts mostly professional shots, appearing in photos exclusively with makeup and hairstyle. The model also posts selfies and seemingly natural shots from trips on the subway and shopping trips, which are distinguished by a glamorous appearance. An impressive part of the posts on Anastasia Reshetova’s page are photographs of the model in swimsuits, lingerie and revealing outfits. Because of this, subscribers have repeatedly compared the model with American socialite Kim Kardashian.

With all this, the girl remains within the bounds of decency. Anastasia posts seductive photos, but does not appear naked in front of the lens. Fans can only guess what is hidden behind the scenes or behind the fur coat draped over the naked body, covering the most interesting moments.

Anastasia Reshetova

The model does not hide the fact that Instagram is a working tool and a source of income. According to the girl, the average cost of an advertising post on her Instagram is about 100 thousand rubles.

In 2021, Anastasia Reshetova opened her own beauty clinic, Anatomia Beauty Clinic. At the same time, she starred in a photo shoot for the June issue of the Russian version of Playboy magazine.

Anastasia Volkonskaya-Reshetova at the Comedy Club

Continuing her modeling career, Anastasia accepted an offer from Russian fashion designer Bella Potemkina to become one of the Instagram stars who presented her autumn-winter collection at the Moscow Fashion Week show, held in early March 2021 in . Along with Reshetova, Maria Minogarova, Natalya Rudova, Nastasya Samburskaya, and Hanna walked down the catwalk. For her appearance, the model chose a provocative outfit: she wore only a down jacket over her underwear and completed the look with high heels.

Anastasia Reshetova at the show

In May 2021, Anastasia Reshetova launched her own clothing brand In.Hype. Soon, another video work of the model took place - filming in a video for Olga Seryabkina’s song “Drunk”.

Business projects and the first book of Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia has proven herself to be a successful businesswoman. In 2016, she created her own beauty clinic - Anatomia Beauty Clinic. The project turned out to be successful. In her comments to Instaphoto, the girl shares far-reaching plans for this clinic. She often advertises services and talks in detail about the features of a particular aesthetic procedure.

In the photo - Anastasia Reshetova in her own salon

But Anastasia didn’t stop there. Recently, or rather in the spring of 2017, the Instagram star presented to the public her book “Today I woke up different.” The experience of a model, beauty blogger and fitness trainer was not in vain. The world saw the release of a printed collection in which the famous Russian model shares beauty tips. How to eat right, exercise, take care of the beauty of your skin - you can find the answer to all these questions in it.

In the photo - a training book by Anastasia Reshetova

Just before the New Year, at the end of 2021, Anastasia opened a beauty salon Inhype BeautyZone in Moscow. It uses only innovative means, materials and equipment.

In the photo - Anastasia Reshetova in her beauty salon

Anastasia Reshetova is an active Instagram user. The social network also brings her considerable income. The girl constantly posts her photos on the page. The number of her subscribers has already reached 1.5 million. For each advertising post she receives about 100,000 rubles.

The beauty of Alena Shishkova - what is the secret

After the birth of her child, the girl regained her beautiful, toned figure in record time. She regularly works out in the gym and goes for massages. Her favorite is B-flexy. It removes cellulite and fat deposits using rollers.

Photo: Instagram @missalena.92

Another beauty secret of Shishkova is homemade face and body masks. She advises mixing a tablespoon of oil, 10-15 drops of lemon juice or essential oil, and a little water. Apply the mixture to the body, wrap yourself in film and crawl under the blanket for an hour. Rinse off with warm water in the shower.

Photo: Instagram @missalena.92

Alena's pride is her hair. She paints them with paint that does not contain ammonia, and regularly uses expensive shampoos and conditioners. He often rinses with nettle infusion and lubricates the ends with castor oil.

Photo: Instagram @missalena.92

Personal life of Reshetova

As a matter of law, a girl with such outstanding external data will never remain outside of male attention. Journalists have repeatedly heard statements from Nastenka that she is ready to start a family and dreams of two sons who will be born in a legal marriage. In 2015, the beauty, with the help of friends, met the famous rapper Yunusov. Reshetova and Timati began dating immediately after the young man’s breakup with his wife and mother of Alisa’s daughter Alena Shishkova.

You won't see it on social media. networks of romantic confessions and “cute” messages to each other from the couple. But they often appear in public together, attend events, spend a lot of time together, and from time to time excite the public with “ducks” about breaking up. Another disagreement - and Instagram is already full of messages from lovers offended by each other about wasted time and separation. It is noteworthy that disagreements between the couple occur due to the fact that the rapper’s girlfriend poses almost naked in front of the camera for advertising and for the covers of men’s magazines.

Star Trek

In high school, Nastya’s friends said that she could try herself in the modeling business. When she started living with her boyfriend, she began studying acting in courses. The girl got to Miss Russia by accident - the pretty spectator of the Miss Universe contest was noticed by the organizers of the all-Russian competition. The next morning after the results were announced, she woke up as Russian model Anastasia Reshetova.

According to the girl herself, she was absolutely not ready to compete with other girls, many of whom at that time had experience participating in such shows. She had a month to prepare, when all the participants lived in the Rivers Club complex, located in the Tver region in the village of Konakovo. Her father, who was initially skeptical about her participation, later approved of his daughter's decision and recognized her victory.

After the victory, she received many offers to sign a contract, but Nastya decided to focus on obtaining a higher education and entered Moscow State University with a grant. Subsequently, she had to postpone her studies: she was prevented by a banal lack of time. Now she is studying at MIEPP in state and municipal administration and, at the same time, improving her acting skills in courses. She already has completed her specialization as a presenter of television programs.

The girl very actively communicates with fans using social networks and instant messengers. Anastasia Reshetova’s Instagram has more than 1.6 million subscribers who actively participate in the discussion of publications. In the photo, Anastasia Reshetova often appears in images from filming, including candid ones.

In addition to the fashion industry, the model has many far-reaching plans: she is attracted to the career of a TV presenter and actress: participation in 2 videos of rapper Timati “Keys to Heaven” and “Zero” helped Nastya understand that this field attracts her. Reshetova also has her own brand, In.Hype: hand-painted vintage denim and leather jackets and the Anatomia Beauty Clinic, which has a list of all beauty services.

Biography of Nastya Reshetova

Anastasia Grigorievna Reshetova was born on January 23, 1996 in the capital of Russia, Moscow. In moments of revelation, the girl spoke about her childhood. My parents divorced very early, and my two sisters stayed with their dad. The father of the future model was a colonel who retired early, which determined the style of education in the family of Nastya herself and her little sister Valya. The sisters were raised in strictness and order. The girl had to get up at 6 in the morning to prepare breakfast before school, and after school was over, the girl was directly involved in housework. Naturally, young Nastya was in a hurry to grow up and escape from her father’s total control. Things weren’t going so smoothly at school, because classmates called the girl “big-ass” and “horse,” and one day after school ended they even beat her up. At the age of 17, the biography of the future celebrity changed dramatically, she rebelled.

Personal life

Reshetova has had a wedding ring on her ring finger for several years now, but the celebrities have never officially gotten married. Perhaps they will legalize their relationship after the birth of their son.

How Reshetova met Timati

They met at a social event and immediately liked each other. The first meeting turned out to be fateful. Timati had just separated from the mother of his daughter, Alena Shishkova, when he was “overtaken by a new feeling.” Rumor has it that it was Nastya who caused the separation of the rapper and the blonde model.

At the beginning of 2021, it became known that Anastasia Reshetova was pregnant, and rapper Timati would soon become a father again. In the fall of 2021, the model gave birth to a boy, whom the happy parents named Ratmir and are raising together.

Anastasia Reshetova's husband - Timati

Their love story began in 2015. A friend introduced me and she was right. Timati and Reshetova have been together for 4 years, but have not yet gotten married. The rapper made an official marriage proposal several times, but the wedding was constantly postponed. This did not stop the model from giving birth to a son, Ratmir, in 2021.

Reshetova gave birth to Timati's son

This long-awaited event took place on October 16, 2021 in one of the capital’s clinics. Reshetova gave birth in the company of her mother-in-law; partner births were paid for.

Timati, Alena Shishkova and Reshetova

Two women in the rapper's life who became the mothers of his children. The businessman had been dating Shishkova since 2013 and even proposed marriage several times. He has been in a romantic relationship with Reshetova from 2015 to the present day.

Both models do not conflict with each other and have established neutral relations. After the separation, Shishkova and Timati remained good friends and are raising their daughter Alisa together. Reshetova does not interfere with such meetings; moreover, she loves the girl as her own. Shishkova, in turn, congratulated Anastasia on the birth of her son. However, you still can’t call them friends.

Timati and Reshetova broke up

Journalists married and divorced the star couple several times. The union is still together, engaged in creativity and raising their joint son Ratmir. The birth of a son only strengthened this star couple.

Simon Yunusova and Reshetova

Timati's influential mother was initially against her potential daughter-in-law. She did not openly express her hostility, but silently demonstrated it. After the birth of her grandson, the woman softened somewhat towards her daughter-in-law and established a common language with Reshetova. Now their relationship is neutral, they see each other more often, and communicate well.

What does the model say about her changes in appearance?

After all the transformations in appearance, many started talking about the fact that Anastasia became very similar to Timati’s ex-wife Alena Shishkova. Fans of rumors at one time quite strongly picked up this topic for discussion and agreed that the reason for the change in appearance was the desire to imitate her.

However, the girl denies this and claims that she is trying to be unlike anyone else. She is sure that external beauty does not matter without the inner beauty of the soul. That is why the girl constantly improves herself, reads books and develops . The beauty industry, to which Anastasia has a direct connection, requires constant self-care.

The girl admits that in pursuit of ideals she almost lost her balance. She is very glad that she did not lose herself and was able to stop with the transformation in time. However, the model does not go out without makeup. She claims that it’s not a matter of insecurity or any complexes - she likes the feeling of herself with at least minimal makeup.

Anastasia Reshetova: height, weight and figure parameters ^

Brief biography: Anastasia Reshetova (Volkonskaya) was born on January 23, 1996 in Moscow. Zodiac sign - Aquarius, according to the eastern horoscope - Rat. A few years after her birth, her parents divorced, and she remained in the care of her father, a military man and retired colonel. She has a younger sister, Valentina, and the girls were raised quite strictly: they had to follow a daily routine, always do their homework and go about their business strictly according to the schedule.

After graduating from school, Nastya wanted to enter the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, but did not pass the score. Then she decided to try herself as a model and went to a casting at a modeling agency, and after a while she took part in a photo shoot.

Anastasia Reshetova: height 178 cm, weight 52 kg

In 2014, Reshetova became the first vice-miss at the Miss Russia 2014 beauty contest, which brought her unprecedented popularity. Innate beauty, charm and almost ideal body proportions immediately made Anastasia one of the favorites. The first runner-up prize opened up new life horizons for the young beauty. It is noteworthy that the place of second runner-up was awarded to Rostovite Anastasia Kostenko, a girl who became a bone of contention in the relationship between football player Dmitry Tarasov and TV presenter Olga Buzova.

Reshetova took up her modeling career in earnest and began earning money herself, signing several large advertising contracts. But the fashion business soon bored the ambitious Nastya, and she decided to continue her education at the same time - she entered the correspondence course at the Moscow Institute of Economics and Law, and also began studying acting at the Moscow Film School.

Personal life: It goes without saying that a girl with such outstanding external data is not deprived of male attention. Reshetova has repeatedly stated that she has long been ready to start a family and dreams of two sons born in a legal marriage

In 2015, it became known about the affair between Anastasia and rapper Timati. The couple met at one of the friendly gatherings. A few months before this, Timati broke up with Alena Shishkova, but his feelings were so overwhelming that he did not doubt for a minute his desire to be with Reshetova.

Timati and Nastya do not hide their relationship, often appearing together in public, although they periodically intrigue fans with rumors of separation. The relationship with the rapper gives the model not only positive emotions, but also creative development: she starred in his videos “Keys to Heaven” and “Zero”, but this is not the limit - the couple plans to do several more collaborations.

Is Anastasia Reshetova on a diet?

Anastasia Reshetova's figure parameters: 89-60-85 (chest-waist-hips)

Anastasia Reshetova’s height and weight are 178 cm and 52 kg. Previously, she exhausted herself with strict diets with caloric intake up to 800 kcal per day and rejoiced at every kilogram she lost, but as she grew up, she realized that such restrictions did not lead to good things. Then she developed her own nutrition system based on human psychology.

Clothing and shoe sizes

Bust89 cm
Waist60 cm
Hips85 cm
Bra size80B
Bust size2
Clothing size
Shoe size (feet)39

Beauty secrets

What are the secrets of harmony and beauty from Anastasia Reshetova:

  • She believes that every girl should love herself, regardless of weight and height. If there are problem areas in the figure, you need to work on them, and not get complex because of them. There are no ideal people;
  • You can’t torment yourself with express diets: you can lose 10 kg in a week, but subsequently the weight will return twice as much;
  • Anastasia never misses a strength fitness workout. Even if a model goes to the sea, she studies there too. As an example, her holiday abroad, where she spent 10 days, 7 of which she trained hard;
  • Reshetova recommends setting goals for yourself: for example, losing 3-5 kg ​​in 2 weeks. They must be real, but they must be achieved not by refusing to eat, but through proper nutrition and exercise.

All weight loss recipes from Anastasia Reshetova are based on her own experience. The model believes that it is necessary to listen to your body, and not only adhere to certain diets, because... The same technique may suit one person, but be unbearable for another.

Anastasia Reshetova before and after plastic surgery: how Timati’s girl turned into “Russian Kim Kardashian”

Being an Instagram star is not such an easy task. The popular social network dictates strict requirements: to be in the spotlight, you must either be incredibly talented, or incredibly beautiful, or have a close relationship with another celebrity. Anastasia Reshetova managed to combine all these points: she is a famous model with chic appearance, the author of a book about a healthy lifestyle, the owner of her own beauty clinic, and on top of that, she is also the girlfriend of the famous rapper Timati. The result is almost 2 million subscribers, connections in the fashion and beauty industry, as well as access to the highest circles of show business.

Our heroine's appearance fully corresponds to her status as a rapper's girlfriend - she is simply perfect. At the same time, in all interviews, Nastya hastens to note that her beauty was the result of righteous work in the gym, proper nutrition and daily care. But Reshetova categorically rejects any rumors about plastic surgery . The only thing the girl admitted to a few years ago was enlarging her lips, and even with them, Anastasia, according to her, eventually decided to return them to their previous size.

“Everything is natural,” Nastya confidently asserts:

However, fans don’t really believe such statements and constantly pester the girl with uncomfortable questions about where she got her nose, breasts and buttocks done and how often she uses hyaluronic acid. TecRussia will check whether these suspicions are justified, and for this we have a reliable method - comparing early photographs of the star with its current appearance. Let's see what happened!

↑ Climbing to the top

Anastasia Volkonskaya-Reshetova often uses a double surname, and it is no coincidence: in her early years she was faced with the non-childish problem of her parents’ divorce. So Volkonskaya is from her mother, and Reshetova is from her father. After the breakup of the family, Nastya and her sister Valentina remained in Moscow under the care of their father, a retired colonel. Brought up in military strictness, the girl was accustomed to discipline, responsibility and hard work. She studied well, read a lot and dreamed of journalism. Alas, the future star did not qualify for the corresponding department at Moscow State University and entered the Moscow Institute of Economics.

Nastya never thought about a modeling career, although from her youth she had an unusually bright appearance. So impressive that she was noticed by the organizers of Miss Russia at the university beauty contest, although she did not even go on stage, but simply sat in the hall as a spectator. Using all her charm and ability to improvise, Reshetova eventually beat out almost all the much more prepared participants and became the first vice-miss of the prestigious competition.

After such a triumphant victory, the girl plunged headlong into the world of the fashion industry, filming and shows. Two months later, she participates in the advertising campaign of the Mira Sezar brand, which is managed by her colleagues on the catwalk Oksana Samoilova and Miroslava Shvedova. This was followed by collaboration with the brands Modus Fashion, Joli Fashion, Alice Street and many others.

↑ At the peak of form and career

Anastasia is closely connected with the world of beauty and knows from her own experience what to do, how to eat and train to be at her best. Despite her young age, the girl has already published the book “Today I Woke Up Different” - this, one might say, is a guide to a healthy lifestyle with advice from the model. With her chic forms, the newly minted writer confirms that her theories work. With a height of 178 cm, her weight is 56 kilograms, and her body parameters are 95/60/91. “The most luxurious thighs of domestic Instagram” - that’s what Reshetova’s fans nicknamed her. And yet, she is constantly compared to the American diva Kim Kardashian: indeed, the figure proportions and clothing style of the two socialites are very similar

Nastya did not limit herself to book advice: in 2021, she initiated the opening of the aesthetic clinic Anatomia Beauty Clinic, and a little later launched another project - the beauty salon Inhype beauty zone. At the same time, Reshetova developed her own clothing brand, In.Hype. In addition, an important milestone also happened in her modeling career - shooting in Playboy magazine. In general, the beauty seems to have secured financial stability for herself. Not to mention the fact that Instagram also brings her good income: according to Anastasia herself, the cost of one advertising post in her account reaches 100,000 rubles.

↑ A little about personal things: a rap novel

Of course, such a chic diva like Reshetova could not remain without a worthy gentleman for long and found a man to match her - she charmed Timati himself. At the time of their acquaintance, he had just separated from his wife Alena Shishkova, and fans still compare the brunette and the blonde with each other, often pointing out Alena’s superiority. There is also an opinion that it was the affair with the rap star that became the main reason for the changes in Nastya’s appearance: they say, the leader of Black Star almost forcibly drags his women to plastic surgeons, deprives them of their individuality, turning them into ideal, but typical dolls.

However, our heroine tries not to fall for such provocations, and she did not give obvious reasons for gossip. For a long time, only indirect signs indicated their relationship: Nastya starred in two Timati videos - “Zero” and “Keys to Paradise”, they often appeared together in public, and periodically amused themselves by deleting each other from friends on social networks and watching how they exaggerated rumors about their breakup. It became pointless to deny the affair only when it turned out that the girl was pregnant - such assumptions appeared many times, but were confirmed only in the spring of 2021.

↑ Did Anastasia Reshetova have plastic surgery?

In her book, the model answers in sufficient detail the question of how she manages to look so chic. It seems that she describes her life in as much detail as possible - she talks about how she trains, what she eats, what cosmetics she prefers. And she even shares mistakes and failures on the way to an ideal body, mentioning cases of bulimia and an almost anorexic state to which she brought herself with improper diets. This revealing book contains everything, except for at least some hints of surgical manipulation.

But her many subscribers are sure that Nastya’s appearance has changed too much in recent years, and this could not have happened without the intervention of surgeons. Sometimes Reshetova is accused of being too artificial, especially when she posts images like this:

At the same time, there are very few old photos of her, before the alleged plastic surgery, in the public domain: her personal pages on social networks have been thoroughly cleared of everything dating back to 2014 and earlier. But in the photographs that we managed to find, Anastasia looks like a completely different person. The changes affected both appearance and figure. And it is impossible to achieve such dramatic changes with just a healthy diet and visits to a cosmetologist.

↑ What is Nastya’s face made of?

Even in her youth, Reshetova showed signs of a future beauty - large expressive eyes, scattered eyebrows, a charming smile. However, if you compare her photographs of past years with more recent ones - after 2014 - you can see striking differences. Of course, facial features could change due to growing up - Anastasia lost weight, her youthful chubby cheeks disappeared, her cheekbones became more prominent, her jawline became clearer. But this is only part of the changes, and not the most significant.

One of the first plastic surgeries that Reshetova probably performed was rhinoplasty. Anastasia’s nose has always been small and neat, but still in early photographs it looks larger, and her nostrils are wider than they are now. In addition, the back has noticeably narrowed, and the tip has slightly risen and pointed. Most likely, the star turned to the surgeon almost immediately after the Miss Russia competition, since all of the listed changes are clearly visible already in the 2015 photo. And, I must admit, the operation was carried out perfectly - the proportions were respected, the size and shape of the nose absolutely suited her face. Those who have not seen Anastasia before plastic surgery will never guess what kind of specialist worked here.

Regarding the lips, there were such obvious changes that it would be stupid to deny the intervention of a cosmetologist. Nastya doesn’t argue: the girl admits that she actually did injections several years ago, but the result seemed excessive to her, and now she is striving to return to natural volume. However, so far Anastasia’s lips are in no hurry to “deflate”. Apparently, the girl periodically teases them with fillers, but does it very carefully to prevent a vulgar “duck” effect, and in addition, she regularly refreshes the tattoo.

Comparing photographs of Reshetova before and after plastic surgery, it is easy to see how the oval of her face has changed. One could assume that Nastya tightened the entire cervical-chin area and sharpened the angle of the lower jaw. However, this effect can also occur naturally when, as you grow older, your face lengthens a little, losing its childish roundness.

Another popular operation that is often attributed to Anastasia is the removal of Bish’s lumps. With its help, the cheeks become retracted, and the entire face becomes thinner and more sculpted. But even here it is impossible to say anything for sure: age-related changes, coupled with strict diets, can form equally sophisticated facial features. However, if before the competition our heroine’s face was still round and youthful, within a few months dramatic changes took place.

But as for clearly defined cheekbones, there is no doubt about their artificial origin. It is unlikely that this happened surgically: it is much easier and safer to use hyaluronic acid fillers for this purpose, which the girl most likely did.

Anastasia herself does not hide her frequent visits to the cosmetologist, but only for the purpose of skin care. In her account, for example, she says that she does mesotherapy - therapeutic injections of specially selected cocktails of vitamins and microelements. But the star is clearly not limited to this: the absence of at least some hint of facial wrinkles also indicates that Nastya is also familiar with Botox firsthand. However, nothing surprising - botulinum toxin injections every 4-6 months have long become a mandatory ritual for all girls aged 25 and older who make a career out of their own appearance.

↑ Figure without flaw

An impeccable body is perhaps Reshetova’s main wealth: luxurious breasts, a thin waist and rounded hips, thanks to which the comparison with Kim Kardashian was born. And it’s not just about good heredity, the model also trains a lot in the gym and watches her diet.

At some point, Anastasia went too far with diets and almost drove herself to anorexia, but she stopped in time, abandoned raw food eating and experimenting with fasting, and quite quickly regained her attractive shape, and most importantly, health and well-being.

Now Nastya is proud of her figure and shows it off without embarrassment in rather revealing outfits, which further fuels discussions and gossip about the plastic surgery done. Gossips indicate that Reshetova performed at least three operations on the body: breast and buttock augmentation, as well as waist reduction. To achieve the latter goal, the beauty is even credited with having her ribs removed!

It seems that things didn’t go to such an extreme, and she achieved a flat tummy solely by combining reasonable nutrition with exercise (and a little bit of lipolytic injections, which she hinted at in one of her Instagram posts). But there is no doubt that Anastasia Reshetova has enlarged her breasts. And there is photographic evidence of this: compare the girl’s shape shortly before the Miss Russia competition and now:

From her youth until 2015, she was content with a modest size two. But already in 2016, noticeable changes occurred - just at the time when the model began a relationship with Timati. Now her bust is a confident “four”, which at the same time keeps its shape perfectly:

We must pay tribute to the surgeon - he created a real masterpiece: after mammoplasty, Anastasia’s breasts, despite their significant increase, look very neat and do not violate the overall proportions of the body. On the contrary, Reshetova managed to bring her figure as close as possible to the recognized standard of female beauty - the hourglass shape.

Another, equally prominent part of her body is the “fifth point”. A few years ago, when the star worked herself to extreme thinness, her hips and buttocks looked absolutely expressionless. Now that Nastya eats normally and trains hard, her butt has increased to a very impressive size. But at the same time, she is so fit and convex that fans doubt whether there are traces of a plastic surgeon here too?

And with a high probability they are right: such proportions almost certainly appeared thanks to skillfully performed plastic surgery. It is impossible to achieve this with the help of exercises in the gym - muscles do not grow one by one, and it will not be possible to pump up rounded buttocks without using your legs. And Nastya’s, although slender, are not particularly muscular. But with the help of surgery - gluteoplasty (installation of implants) or lipofilling (transplantation of fat from other parts of the body) exactly the same contour as we see in recent beach photographs of the model is formed. And if you supplement this with liposuction or lipolysis of the back for maximum contrast, it becomes clear where that very wasp-waist effect came from, for which the girl allegedly removed her lower ribs.

However, in the absence of confessions from Anastasia herself, we can only guess what exactly is natural in her appearance, and where cosmetologists and surgeons worked. And, knowing her hard work and determination, you can be sure that with or without plastic surgery, the girl will maintain her impeccable beauty for many years - to the delight of her fans and the envy of gossips.

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