Olga Seryabkina. Hot photos in a swimsuit, before and after plastic surgery, biography, personal life

Former member of the Serebro group Olga Seryabkina, at the beginning of her artistic career, attracted everyone's attention to her appearance. The young musical group accepted an offer from one of the most popular glossy men's magazines, Maxim, to participate in a photo shoot, where hot, rather candid photos of the group members were taken. Even then, it became clear to many that the girl was ready not only to sing and write lyrics for songs, but also to show herself in all her glory.

Brief biography and personal life

Olga Seryabkina is a native Muscovite. She was born in the capital in 1985 in the family of a military man. Later the girl had a younger brother. From preschool age she successfully and enthusiastically practiced ballroom dancing, and by the end of high school she became a candidate for master of sports. Olga’s entire family has a musical education, since everyone graduated from a music school at one time. The girl studied well, many subjects of the school curriculum were easy for her. In addition, she was always in the forefront, participated in all events, wrote poetry, and was passionate about learning languages.

After completing her studies at the university, she received a diploma as a simultaneous interpreter. The girl is fluent in several foreign languages. However, Olga did not work in her specialty. In 2004, the girl was invited to join the dance and backing vocal group of Irakli Pirtskhalava, a graduate of the Star Factory show program. At the same time, Olga’s fateful meeting with musician and producer Maxim Fadeev took place. In 2006, the Serebro group was formed, in which Seryabkina became one of the soloists.

A year later, the team took part in the international Eurovision song contest and took an honorable 3rd place there.

For almost 13 years, Olga was a permanent member of a musical group, in which she not only sang. She wrote the words to many songs from the repertoire of the group and other performers who have received more than one music award for them.

Songs written by Olga Seryabkina

Performer group Serebro:

  • Mom Luba;
  • You are not enough;
  • Let me go;
  • Confused;
  • Broken;
  • Kiss;
  • Style;
  • Chocolate.

Olga Seryabkina.
Photo with the former group silver. Performer Yulia Savicheva:

  • Moscow-Vladivostok,
  • Bride;
  • I won't give you up.

Artist Emin:

  • I can not tell;
  • Let's find each other.

Performer Egor Creed:

  • If you don't love me.

Artist Gluk'oZa:

  • Hurt.

During her time working at Serebro, the girl released a collection of poems, acted in films, wrote lyrics to many hits by famous singers and ensembles, and began recording her own music albums. In 2019, she left the group and began a solo career, taking the pseudonym Molly. After her departure, Max Fadeev completely changed the composition of the female ensemble.

Personal life

Olga Seryabkina (hot photos, of which there are many taken, speak about this) is a very slender and attractive girl. Since the beginning of her artistic career, many novels have been attributed to her. There were idle gossip and rumors about her relationship with singer Yegor Creed, with former participant in the reality show Dom-2 Oleg Miami, singer Irakli, with Maxim Fadeev himself, as well as with Elena Temnikova, the lead singer of the pop group Serebro.

Olga Seryabkina spoke about her bisexual inclinations in more than one interview; she admitted this in her poems. Most likely, much of what she said was just a PR stunt to stir up interest in her person.

Elena Temnikova denied all of Olga’s statements about their relationship, describing them as cheap fiction. However, it was Temnikova who sparked interest and rumors about Seryabkina’s affair with producer Max Fadeev. Olga herself never openly talked about any of her serious relationships with either men or women, declaring that her heart was free. In an interview on the Super channel in an episode of the show “Alena, Damn!” on the Youtube platform, the presenter noticed a ring on Olga Seryabkina’s finger. When asked about it, the girl, smiling, said that it was a gift.

She avoided a direct answer about the appearance of a young man in her life, saying that if one appears in her life, she will talk about it in the same show. And now she has a dog. In the same interview, when asked about the birth of a child, Olga replied that she would have time to do everything, and currently there are no age limits for this, but at the moment she is not ready to become a mother. The singer also said that she does not want to show off her personal life and does not take photos or videos of it.

Solo career

In October 2021, Olga Seryabkina announced her departure from Silver. The singer's contract with the group was valid until the beginning of 2021. She emphasized that she is not leaving Fadeev’s Malfa label - she will promote the Molly brand under his name. The singer also promised the imminent release of her debut solo album and new material for “Serebro”.

In 2021, Olga Seryabkina finally left Serebra

In January 2021, the first video for the song from the upcoming album Molly was released. For this important task, the composition “Because Love” was chosen. The preview of the video on YouTube featured a joint photograph of Seryabkina and Yegor Creed, hence the words “Why not with me? Why are you with someone else? I’ll pretend that I’m going home, all because love” was regarded as an explanation of feelings for Creed. In the spring of 2021, on the “beautiful” date, April 4 (4.04), Olga Seryabkina presented her debut solo album “Orca in the Sky.” The track list of the album consisted of 14 compositions, of which the most memorable, according to music critics, were the songs “Orca”, “I Just Love You”, “Don’t Be Afraid” and the song “Scattering Silver” together with Max Fadeev. Molly ft. Max Fadeev – Scattering Silver “Scattering Silver” is the result of Olga’s 12 years of performances as part of “Silver” and the beginning of a new era as a solo performer of Molly. “When you leave [from the Serebro group – approx. uznayvse.ru] - I’m happy for the first time. Because I know that this is not a loss...,” Fadeev commented on the premiere of this track.

Album cover “Orca in the Sky”

This album is me. Today. Now. The music in it is completely saturated with me and love,” Olga says about “Orca in the Sky,” without hiding the fact that she associates herself with the killer whale. The album turned out to be very personal. While working on the material, Seryabkina did not adhere to any concept, but simply transferred to paper and notes what she was experiencing at the moment. That’s why the songs turned out to be so different in genre and meaning.

In May, a video for the song “I’m Not Crying” was released. As Olga admitted, she was inspired to create the video by prophetic dreams in which the singer believes. So, one day she dreamed about how she was running away from a pack of dogs, and after that something terrible happened (the singer does not comment on what exactly). This dream was inspired by the scene from the video “I’m not crying,” only Olga put a different meaning into it: “Letting go of the dogs = letting go of fears. When they run, I’m free too.”

Molly - I’m not crying A month later, a video for the song “Beautiful Boy” appeared on YouTube, after which Fadeev and Seryabkina were convicted of plagiarism from the group “Tatu” and their song “Gay Boy”, the meaning of these compositions was very similar.

Still from the video “Beautiful Boy”

The story of the creation of “Beautiful Boy” is autobiographical. In her youth, Olga Seryabkina became close to a handsome young man. They became best friends, sharing everything secret. Olga felt that she had fallen in love, so when a friend confessed to her doubts about his own sexuality, she was depressed, but over time she “overcame this stage.” Olga is generally known as a supporter of the LGBT community and rightly believes that love knows no boundaries.

Shape Options

Olga Seryabkina loves to show off her body. There are a lot of hot, rather candid photos on her Instagram pages. The girl has a beautiful figure and seductive curves. She is quite petite. However, in one of the interviews, Olga admitted that she is prone to being overweight, and regular trips to the gym, where she has to give her all, helps her stay in shape. She got used to working on herself since childhood, seriously practicing ballroom dancing.

The girl promotes love for herself and her figure, no matter what it is. Olga often tells her subscribers on social networks about the need to accept themselves and their appearance as they are. “Love yourself,” she says. In addition to details about the artist’s romances and sexual relationships, ordinary people are often interested in personal, rather intimate details of her life. Including the parameters of her figure, weight, sizes of underwear, shoes and clothes. There are different numbers on the Internet, but basically they are all close to each other.

Height158 cm (below average)
Weight49-51 kg
Breast (bra) size3 (85C)
Bust volume88-91 cm
Waist60-64 cm
Hip volume87-89 cm
Clothing size40-42
Shoe size36 (6,5)


Fans of the singer are accustomed to seeing her as a brown-eyed, sultry, dark-haired, brown-haired and brunette. Only once, at the dawn of her solo musical career, the singer made an attempt to change her image. Olga Seryabkina (hot photos in white lingerie from her Instagram indicate this) appeared as a blonde on the pages of social networks, which upset her fans. Many of them compared Olga with singers: Svetlana Loboda and Vera Brezhneva. There were those who appreciated the changes. They began to claim that Seryabkina was similar to the French film stars of yesteryear, Brigitte Bardot and Emmanuelle Beart.

In any case, the girl’s attempt to change her hair color at the start of her solo career was a fiasco. Olga also experimented with hair length and haircuts. One day she posted a photo on social networks wearing an image from one of her videos, where she appeared with a short haircut. In response to this, the singer received many negative comments and complete disapproval of such an experiment with hair.

Later, the artist cut her bangs and still wears them. The girl immediately began to be compared with the American singer, a native of the West Indies, Rihanna. Moreover, Seryabkina was accused of completely copying the style of clothing and hairstyle of a foreign pop diva. However, many fans liked Olga's new image.

How has it changed over the years?

As a child, Olga Seryabkina was a girl with an ordinary appearance. She didn't look like a chubby child. Perhaps the child’s figure was influenced by serious dancing lessons. Moreover, in childhood photographs, Olga’s lips are quite narrow, especially her upper lip. The girl, as now, is dark-haired with a beautiful, regular oval face. In 2004, in Dima Bilan’s video, where Seryabkina starred in an episode, the girl’s lips look more voluminous. She still has the same dark long hair and a beautiful, even nose.

In one of the photos from 2007, where Olga was taken as part of the Serebro group, her face looks more rounded than in photographs taken later, and her lips are fuller than before. She always wears long dark hair. Over the 13 years in which Seryabkina was the lead singer of a female musical pop group, she changed little in appearance. From the photos of these years, one can only note that her lips were sometimes thin, sometimes more plump. The features and oval of the face remained virtually unchanged. Clearer lines are noticeable only in the photo where Olga is wearing brighter makeup.

There is a possibility that she may have gained a little weight at times, but she has always remained in great shape. And if you consider that the singer constantly works on herself, then this is not surprising.

Family of Olga Seryabkina

Olga Seryabkina’s family was never connected with the world of music or show business; the girl made her way and became famous herself, thanks to her charisma and vocals. She once admitted that she lost her father early, and it was very difficult for her and her mother to survive this tragedy, so the mother of the future singer went to work, and Olya herself went to study. She was good at humanitarian subjects; in addition, Olga managed to study and practice ballet.

As a teenager, the girl began to have relationships with girls, started smoking and herself admits that her mother had problems with her. But very quickly Olya realized that she had to help her mother with business, she didn’t have time for whims, she had to earn money. Maybe it was this desire that influenced the fact that Seryabkina entered Foreign Languages. True, you can’t hide an awl in a bag, just like talent. Despite the fact that the girl is trained as a translator, apparently she was destined to become a singer. Fans cannot but agree that Olya feels “like a fish in water” on stage.

Plastic surgery

Olga Seryabkina is not only a talented and educated person, she is a beautiful, slender young woman. She has many fans. But in the world of show business there are always a lot of rumors and gossip about this or that popular person. This did not bypass Olga either. As soon as the artist gained a few extra pounds and got rid of them in a short time, persistent rumors appeared that she had undergone liposuction. Considering the fact that the girl regularly works out in the gym, it is difficult to even imagine that she had accumulated so much fat that she had to pump it out. This version looks more than ridiculous.

Very often Olga Seryabkina is accused of having her breasts enlarged. But there is no confirmation of this anywhere. When comparing photographs of her over the years, you will notice that neither the shape nor the size of her bust has changed. In addition, correctly selected underwear can visually significantly transform any woman’s breasts.

Quotes from interviews

“I think I have come to an important conclusion: having your own perception, you cannot try to impose it on another. It’s better to just go straight, trust your heart and follow only it.” “If I am a bird, where is my cage? I've been looking for her for a long time

Maybe I’m supposed to have a branch, I’ll be sad about you on it...”

“If I am a bird, where is my cage? I've been looking for her for a long time. Maybe I’m supposed to have a branch, I’ll be sad about you on it...”

“On the tape I just admit that I loved you to death...”

“Yes, I often blush when I see you, I’m always as embarrassed as when I was a child. It’s probably just a trait, I have an open heart...”

Cosmetic procedures

It is a rare case when public people and representatives of show business admit to undergoing plastic surgery. However, it is very easy to visually determine and draw some conclusions about changes in the appearance of certain people, even from a photo. In this case, Olga Seryabkina can only notice changes in the shape and volume of her lips. Such results can be achieved by resorting to injections with fillers and hyaluronic acid.

The singer is often reproached for facial plastic surgery, noting changes in her cheekbones and chin. But if you compare photos of her over several years, you will notice that all these visual changes are too short-lived. And similar effects can be achieved with the help of well-executed makeup and facial contouring, which almost every ordinary woman owns today.

Secrets of beautiful appearance

Olga Seryabkina (hot photos in swimsuits and without them eloquently confirm this) is the happy owner of a slender figure and attractive appearance. The girl herself never confirmed that she had ever resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. She claims that nature and good genes gave her everything. In addition, she carefully takes care of her appearance and devotes a lot of time to it. Olga spoke about some of the secrets of her beauty and care in one of her interviews and on the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine.

These include:

  • healthy lifestyle;
  • lack of strict diets;
  • small portions of food;
  • replacing tea and coffee with high-quality drinking water;
  • at least 1.2-2 liters of water per day;
  • a minimum of sweets, alcohol and flour;
  • visiting the gym 3-4 times a week;
  • visiting a SPA salon;
  • visits to a cosmetologist;
  • use of high-quality cosmetic products;
  • use of natural care products for hair, face and body.

It should be noted that the singer has perfect skills in applying makeup, although in everyday life off stage she prefers to do without decorative cosmetics.

In addition, Olga not only goes to fitness. At home she has an exercise bike, on which she trains according to a special program. She spoke about this on her Instagram page, where she posted a short video. There, the singer wrote in a comment that she regularly goes on bicycle rides outside the city. Therefore, you should not be surprised at the excellent shape in which it is always found.

Other activities

Olga Seryabkina also tried herself as a film actress. In 2015, a feature film was released on wide screens - the karaoke comedy “The Best Day”, in which the girl played the role of pop music star Alina Shepot. The artist passed the audition, like all the other applicants. Moreover, the role was not episodic and inconspicuous, but one of the main ones. In addition to the actual portrayal of her character, Olga sang several songs in the film.

Olga Seryabkina, soloist of the group “Serebro”

In May 2021, the singer pleased her fans with candid photos from an erotic photo shoot in Maxim magazine. Next to the photographs there was also an interview with Olga. Such a bold step became possible for the girl after leaving the group “Serebro”, since the members of this group were forbidden to pose naked for any filming. That photo shoot became so popular that about a month after the release of the magazine with the pictures, a backstage video from Seryabkina’s shoot for Maxim was posted on the YouTube video hosting site.

Olga Seryabkina in Maxim magazine


After a photo shoot for the men's magazine "Maxim" with the first line-up of the pop group Serebro, Olga Seryabkina photographed for this popular publication several more times. This happened in 20016 and 2021. In the spring of 2016, Olga was photographed almost naked for the cover. Her “outfit” was just a light coat of gold paint.

In the fall of 2021, Olga Seryabkina was named by Maxim magazine as one of the sexiest women in Russia. The girl loves her body and is clearly proud of it. Her hot photos on Instagram pages clearly indicate this. The singer posts them regularly on this social network. No wonder she has 3.4 million followers. Every post with videos and photos always has a lot of views, comments and likes.

Children of Olga Seryabkina

Olga Seryabkina’s children are a separate matter for the singer, which she also doesn’t really like. Olya doesn’t like being reminded that she’s already 33, it’s time to think about having children, settle down at home and raise heirs. How can you give birth to a child when she herself has not yet grown up, has not realized her plans and desires, and has not fulfilled all the points on the list that she made for herself?

In general, it is clear that Seryabkina is not going to give birth yet. Perhaps she simply has not yet met a man with whom she would like to have children. The girl believes that first you need to realize yourself, and then teach others, so her fans are not expecting a quick addition to her family.

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