Porous facial skin treatment at home. Masks for porous facial skin at home

Important points

Treatments for oily skin must be comprehensive. First, they will be aimed at finding and eliminating the cause of the disorder, and then at removing external symptoms. There are several ways to help your sebaceous glands work:

effect of treatment procedures for oily skin: before and after photos of the face

  1. Biostimulation using laser. This procedure can cause changes that will smooth and renew the skin on the face, making it smooth and elastic.
  2. Iontophoresis. This process is a microcurrent effect on the skin. It improves blood circulation, promotes regeneration and proper nutrition of the skin.
  3. Ultrasound peeling. The effect is a “shock wave” that will clear the skin of acne.
  4. Polishing the skin with tiny particles of diamond chips or aluminum oxide. Used to remove oily shine and smooth out wrinkles.
  5. Ultrasound phonophoresis. The procedure involves applying mechanical ultrasonic vibrations to the skin, removing excess moisture and providing a massage effect.
  6. Darsonvalization. Under the influence of high frequency current, the skin on the face dries, the process of nutrition and tissue regeneration is improved.

All of the above procedures should be performed in specialized beauty salons. The cheeks, chin, nose and forehead are cleaned - the most problematic areas suffering from excess subcutaneous sebum. Blackheads on the face, the appearance of which is caused by oily skin, should also be removed by a cosmetologist. This way you will protect your body from infection and maintain the attractiveness of your appearance.

Porous skin

Porous skin is quite “capricious” and requires special attention, both from its owner and from the specialist providing professional care. Before proceeding with the selection and implementation of skincare procedures, the dermatocosmetologist conducts a thorough examination and diagnosis of the skin condition: assesses its moisture content, oil content, elasticity, determines the pH level, and identifies existing dermatological problems. In some cases, additional consultations (endocrinologist, gastroenterologist) and studies (ultrasound of the abdominal organs, general and biochemical blood tests, etc.) may be required.

Daily self-care for porous facial skin involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing using cosmetics in accordance with your skin type. When caring for porous skin, you should avoid using greasy creams; excessive makeup; too aggressive washing with hot water and soap, degreasing with alcohol solutions. Oily and comedogenic cosmetics clog pores, contributing to the development of inflammatory processes and further expansion of the sebaceous glands. High temperature water and alcohol-containing lotions destroy the hydrolipidic membrane and dry out the skin; in response to this, the sebaceous glands react with an even greater increase in sebum secretion.

Normalizing sebum secretion, shrinking pores and toning the skin is facilitated by washing with warm or cool water, wiping the face with cosmetic ice, and using pore-tightening tonics. To exfoliate the layer of keratinized epithelium, cleanse the pores of excess sebum and dirt, scrub peelings and gommage peelings are carried out 1-2 times a week, and cleansing strips are used. Cosmetic masks made from white clay have an excellent adsorbing and pigment-constricting effect. The complex of daily care measures should be completed by applying a moisturizer.

To combat enlarged pores in aesthetic cosmetology, various care, hardware and injection procedures are proposed, which are often combined with each other in special programs for the care of porous facial skin. The basic step in caring for porous skin is its cleansing, so the protocol for any procedure includes facial cleansing (manual, ultrasonic, chemical, atraumatic, vacuum, etc.). For porous skin, chemical peels may be recommended: enzyme, glycolic, ABR, TCA. They help remove keratinized epidermis and smooth out skin texture.

Intensive renewal of the epidermis, reduction of pores, elimination of small scars and post-acne can be achieved by laser skin resurfacing. Less traumatic and more delicate procedures with a similar effect are microdermabrasion and gas-liquid peeling. Various protocols for caring for porous skin may include facial massage (according to Jacquet, cryomassage), darsonvalization, ultraphonophoresis, alginate masks. Mesotherapy with special, individually selected cocktails gives excellent results for porous skin. With regular home and salon care for porous skin, the pores gradually narrow and become almost invisible.

Prices for procedures for the care and treatment of oily skin in Dasklinik cosmetology:

Application areaCost of the procedure, rub
combined cleaning, incl. mask 3 800
ultrasonic facial cleansing2 600
combined cheek cleaningcheck with the administrator
combined eyelid cleaningcheck with the administrator
combined forehead cleansingcheck with the administrator
combined nasal cleaningcheck with the administrator
mask (after care)500
facial care (hydro peptide cosmetics)1 600

You can get more detailed information about the cost of the service from the administrator of the Perovskaya cosmetology clinic DasKlinik by phone.

treatment of oily skin in cosmetology: before and after photos

My long journey to beautiful skin...(+scary photos)

Good day, beautiful Cosmetists!

I finally decided to tell you the long story of my struggle with all sorts of skin problems, I hope that it will be useful to someone... About me or background: I am currently 27 years old. I have been struggling with skin imperfections for as long as I can remember, from the moment I became interested in it. In my youth, my skin was oily and porous, then I ruined it with all sorts of harsh products. I tried everything... it seems that the entire mass market has visited my home. The skin of the face became dry and dehydrated. Trips to a cosmetologist and all sorts of cleansing only made things worse, changing the diet didn’t help either + childbirth did its job, but my son is growing wonderfully. This is roughly what I looked like:

But recently I FINALLY found the optimal care for myself...

So let's start... (I'll make a reservation right away that these are only positive products for me)

1. Lush Tea Tree Tonic.

From the manufacturer This tonic is especially suitable for the younger generation to combat teenage skin problems, as well as for adults with oily skin. The tea tree is a uniquely Australian plant. No self-respecting Australian is complete without a bottle of tea tree oil in their medicine cabinet. Among other things, tea tree has amazing cleansing and antiseptic properties. We've just added grapefruit to tone your skin and juniper to combat toxins, creating an effective, refreshing toner. Ingredients: Tea tree infusion (melaleuca alternifolia), grapefruit infusion (citrus grandis), juniper infusion (juniperus communis), limonene, perfume composition, methylparaben. From me: I really liked it at first. It refreshed the skin very much, didn’t feel tight at all and left behind a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. But after a week of use, the sensation became akin to washing with water from a barrel. It seems clean, but unpleasant. Now throughout the day I simply use it as refreshing water (and always on a cotton pad), otherwise it drips off my face in a second. My rating: 3+ (plus for naturalness). I won't buy it again. Price: 345 rub. for 250 ml.

2. Tonique Purifiant Alcohol-free Stimulating Toner - Alcohol-free cleansing lotion from Payot.

From the manufacturer: here. From me: this is the best tonic I have ever tried. Enough praise has been sung for him on Cosmetist (I bought it after reading the reviews). My first must-have. As you can see, very little was used, but the effect is simply amazing. It’s fresh, pleasant, which is important, and it tightens the pores little by little. My rating: 5 +++++. Price: 499 rub. with a 25% discount at IDB.

3 and 4. Gel Badyaga forte + badyaga powder.

From the manufacturer: Gel with a high content of badyagi and extracts of plantain and yarrow. Badyaga is a proven folk remedy for bruises, age spots and congestive spots. Has a pronounced absorbable effect. Effectively prevents the appearance of acne. Crushed silicon needles of badyagi perfectly exfoliate the damaged layer of skin. Badyaga increases blood flow to cells, restores their nutrition and breathing. Extracts of plantain and yarrow provide a healing, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect. Soften, moisturize the skin, activate its regeneration. The gel relieves tension and fatigue of the skin, improves tone, makes it elastic and velvety. From me: having reduced pimples to almost nothing with soap, it’s time to remove traces of them (after all, you’ll still squeeze something out with your little hands). The product is excellent, at least for fresh stains. For greater effectiveness, I dilute it in half with badyagi powder. It turns out something smelly and looks like either a mask or a scrub. At first the skin turns red, it may even start to burn, and then when you wash everything off, the skin will remain red for a long time and prickle with every touch. And in the morning BANG! and the spots are light and tiny... My rating: 5 +. Price: for the gel 75 rubles, and the powder, in my opinion, 16 rubles. (it’s enough for 2 procedures for me).

5. Coal Face Toilet soap for normal, oily and combination skin from Lush.

From the manufacturer: A gentle cleanser that deeply cleanses contaminated skin, balances the activity of the sebaceous glands and heals. Good for men's skin. Contains licorice which has anti-inflammatory properties and charcoal which absorbs excess oil from the skin's surface while gently exfoliating dead cells. A mixture of essential oils (sandalwood and rosewood) has antiseptic and bactericidal properties, ideal for all skin types, especially for skin prone to inflammation. In addition, sandalwood oil perfectly soothes, eliminates itching, helps reduce secretions of the sebaceous glands, and rosewood oil helps in the fight against acne and does not irritate the skin. From me: This is my second must-have. A wonderful product (my acquaintance with Lush began with it). If you lather on one side, you get just a dark foam, but if you turn it in your hands, then a fine gommage comes into play. Cleanses the skin wonderfully. Right to the squeak. It doesn’t dry anything out and leaves your face smooth and even. In general, I will buy more. My rating: 5++++. Price: 362.60 rub. for 100 gr.

6. Scrub Angels of the Night from Lush.

From the manufacturer: Soft black scrub contains charcoal, an excellent absorbent and effective exfoliant. Nourishing avocado oil softens skin, glycerin helps lock in moisture, black sugar also exfoliates, Moroccan clay deeply cleanses, and rose and sandalwood essential oils soothe skin. The result will impress you: smooth skin, a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. From me: I have an ambiguous attitude towards this scrub. Copes with its task with a bang. After it, the skin is smooth like a baby’s, all irregularities disappear. The complexion is rosy and fresh. But he is very strong. Even rubbing with your fingertips hurts... By the way, it looks scary:

My rating: 5 -. Price: 299 rub. for 100 gr. (I have about 50 grams there).

7. Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer anti-inflammatory concealer pencil from Clinique.

From the manufacturer: The concealer applies evenly to the skin, instantly hides pimples and redness and lasts throughout the day, while helping to eliminate acne and prevent new breakouts. It makes the skin feel comfortable and looks natural. Anti-Blemish Solutions is formulated for all skin types and is available in three skin tone shades and a special corrective greenish tint that instantly corrects redness in the skin. From me: I have just a green tint. Oddly enough, I did not use this product as a corrector, but applied it locally to a fresh pimple at night. In the morning, only dry skin remained under it without a blemish. But as a concealer, I didn’t like it at all, no matter how you apply it, it’s visible under the foundation. My rating: 4. Price: about 700 rub.

8. Skinoren cream 20%

Pharmacological action: A drug for the treatment of acne vulgaris or juvenile acne and hyperpigmentation. Causes a moderate cytostatic effect (due to inhibition of the synthesis of cellular proteins), manifested in the normalization of keratinization processes in the wall of the hair follicle; has an antimicrobial effect (primarily against Propionibacterium acne) both on the surface of the skin and in the sebaceous glands, as well as an anti-inflammatory effect (reducing the metabolism of neutrophil granulocytes and their production of free radical forms of oxygen - important factors in maintaining the inflammatory process). With long-term use of the drug, microbial resistance does not develop. Azelaic acid dose-dependently inhibits the growth and viability of abnormal melanocytes. The therapeutic effect for hyperpigmentation (melasma) is due to inhibition of DNA synthesis and/or suppression of cellular respiration of abnormal melanocytes. From me: Wonderful thing! I chose cream. because it is positioned for dry skin. I didn’t notice any major disadvantages, except for tingling and tingling during the first 5 minutes after application. There was no relapse. The annotation says that improvements occur after 3 months, but my acne went away in 3 weeks. True, some didn’t just leave, but crawled out like hard rods; well, they have to go somewhere. A small minus was the inability to use the cream under makeup (even though it is written that it is suitable). The foundation lies on the face like a scaly lizard. I only use it at night. My rating: 5+++ (for saving the skin). Price: approximately 738 rub. at the pharmacy.


(at the time of creating this post, my chin was almost completely cleared)

Well, that seems to be all... almost 4 hours passed while I was writing... Thanks to those who had the stamina to finish reading...

PS Dear girls! Considering that I can’t use Skinoren under makeup, maybe you can recommend me a moisturizing cream for the day, just so that the cosmetics sit well, otherwise my skin is still a little dry from Skinoren.


Causes of sagging skin

There are many reasons. But the main thing is that collagen and elastin fibers are damaged, and the volume of hyaluronic acid in the dermis decreases. Why is this happening?

  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation. UV rays penetrating the skin trigger processes leading to premature aging. When we are young, we can walk or lie in the sun all day, because in youth, collagen fibers are restored quite quickly. With age, the activity of fibroblasts decreases; they begin to synthesize less collagen and hyaluronic acid, so the recovery process is delayed. Moreover, fibroblasts produce more metalloproteinase enzymes, which destroy their own collagen;
  • environment. A polluted atmosphere leads to the formation of free radicals in the body, which destroy the hydrolipid barrier of the skin and provoke aging;
  • stress. They negatively affect absolutely all processes in the body. During times of anxiety or lack of sleep, the body begins to release cortisol. It activates enzymes that lead to the destruction of hyaluronic acid and collagen;
  • diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems;
  • wrong lifestyle;
  • incorrectly selected cosmetics.

Injection methods of control

  • Biorevitalization.
    This procedure is aimed at restoring the proper amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. They guarantee that it will also level the terrain and restore water balance.

    The procedure is as follows: the doctor injects a drug based on hyaluronic acid into the middle layers of the dermis with microinjections. If desired and indicated, vitamins, antioxidants or minerals can be added to the composition. To achieve the desired effect, you need to repeat this procedure several times.

    Do not forget that one hundred percent results are not guaranteed. But what could be the side effects? Swelling, redness, bruising, damage to the dermis, allergic reactions, lumps under the skin - all these are just some of the side effects of biorevitalization.

    The danger of the procedure also lies in the fact that over time the body gets used to the introduction of hyaluronic acid from the outside and stops producing its own. So they get hooked on “beauty injections.”

  • Mesotherapy.
    This is another rejuvenation procedure, during which the doctor injects drugs, vitamins and minerals into the mesoderm. To notice even the slightest effect, you need to go to 7-10 procedures (several dozen punctures at a time).

    In this case, side effects will be present throughout the entire recovery period. Doctors may say that scratches, bruises and pustules after the procedure are normal, but no. It is not normal.

    The procedure itself involves multiple punctures of the skin (sometimes up to 800), that is, it will simply turn into a sieve, and naturally, hematomas form at the puncture sites. And also think about banal disinfection... no one will spend 800 needles on one procedure?

  • Ozone therapy.
    This procedure is aimed at improving blood circulation in small vessels and capillaries, saturating cells with oxygen. When it enters the body, ozone reacts with fatty acids. Peroxides are formed - chemical compounds that help oxygen combine in the blood.

    After introducing ozone into the dermis, a reduction in wrinkles is expected, since the cells “come to life”: their metabolism improves, they are renewed and restored. And this leads to smoothing of the skin.

    At the same time, ozone therapy itself has not yet been sufficiently studied, so there are few places where you can read about all the real consequences and side effects. Here are some of them that have been recorded:

  • the appearance of shortness of breath and breathing problems;
  • swelling of blood vessels;

  • heart disease;
  • increased risk of stroke;
  • pulmonary embolism and death.

This is such a prospect - you go for the procedure to rejuvenate and become healthier, but in the end you feel like you are aging another 20 years.

How to deal with sagging facial skin at home

If we talk about cosmetics, then at home you can make various masks from improvised materials. Try it, at least it's safe.

You can mix 1 tsp. gelatin, 1 tbsp. curdled milk and 1 tsp. wheat flour. Then apply this mixture to your face (it must be kept motionless). Leave the mask on for 5 minutes and wash off.

Here is another recipe with an egg: pour 20 ml of olive oil into a bowl and add the egg. Apply the resulting mass to your face for 25 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

It is believed that the yolk nourishes the epidermis and saturates it with useful vitamins, and the white tightens the skin.

All this, of course, can only be used as an addition to more effective rejuvenation methods. . Exercise and massage are the best ways to combat sagging skin.

Play the video and repeat this exercise.

  1. First, warm up your palms.
  2. Place your palms on the “notch” in the temple area and press them tightly.
  3. Stay in this position to warm your temples.
  4. When you feel that they are warm enough, begin to perform circular movements forward and towards the crown.

Here's another similar exercise:

  1. Also press your palms against the “notch” in the temple area.
  2. Lower your head, feel the tension in your temples.
  3. Gray whiskey.
  4. Slowly move in a circular motion towards your hairline.
  5. Repeat this exercise two to three times.

And if you want to not only tighten your face, but also smooth out wrinkles, remove jowls and a double chin, then come to the “face and chin” intensive.

Home care for sagging skin

In order to maintain youth at home, you can perform lifting exercises, apply caring and nourishing masks. Dry skin also needs systematic additional hydration.

Before starting self-care, it is advisable to consult a cosmetologist: otherwise, there is a high risk of unwanted side effects and allergic reactions.

Cosmetic procedures are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

How to combat sagging skin with daily care

The condition of facial skin depends on both external and internal factors. Therefore, in order to achieve a lifting effect and noticeable elasticity of the skin, it is necessary to work with both.

  1. Cleansing. In order to stop the process of moisture loss, it is recommended to use gentle foam or micellar water for cleansing. Instead of running water, which dries the skin too much, we recommend washing with hydrosol. With its help, you can kill two birds with one stone: cleanse and tone your facial skin;
  2. Toning. Tonics help maintain healthy skin color;
  3. Hydration. Use special creams in the morning and at night;
  4. Nutrition. Make nourishing masks periodically.
  5. Don't forget about exercise!

Anti-sagging skin products

There are several types of cosmetics that will help cope with the manifestations of age-related changes:


Daytime ones are aimed at moisturizing the skin, and nighttime ones are aimed at regeneration and nutrition. Try hemp balm with verbena. It improves skin regeneration and provides maximum hydration.


They are usually done to solve a specific problem: remove puffiness or deeply nourish the skin.


These products are used to saturate the skin with concentrated beneficial components and even out the tone. We recommend Beauty365 Squalane, which is a lightweight sugarcane oil. It can be added to daily care creams.


They are used to tone and additionally moisturize the skin. Try natural lavender hydrosol for all skin types. It's great for removing makeup.

Now about the composition.

When choosing cosmetics, make sure that they contain something from the list:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamins C and E;
  • retinol;
  • Coenzyme Q-10;
  • peptides;
  • natural vegetable oils.

What happens inside the skin

With age, the body undergoes significant changes:

  • slowing down cellular renewal of the skin. Cells wear out, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to perform their functions, their ability to regenerate decreases;
  • lack of hyaluronic acid, which helps moisturize the skin;
  • decreased production of collagen and elastin, which give the skin elasticity;
  • microcirculation is impaired, resulting in a lack of oxygen. Oxygen starvation accelerates the aging process.

Facial skin laxity: what is it?

Sagging skin is a natural condition that every person experiences. Most often, women begin to worry about this after the age of thirty. However, this process is not always associated with the aging of the body. Such symptoms can appear even in young girls due to lifestyle habits, skin care methods, and even simply genetic predisposition. But regardless of the reasons for skin aging, appearance becomes less attractive, complexes and self-doubt appear.

Prevention against sagging facial skin

Here are some well-known recommendations, but following them will help delay and prevent skin aging:

  • drink enough water;
  • balanced diet. The diet should contain everything: proteins, proper fats, slow carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals;
  • regular physical activity. If you are short on time, then try to at least walk to and from work;
  • do an audit of your cosmetics. Does it contain the components that we wrote about above?
  • take extra vitamins. But first, it’s better to consult a doctor to avoid hypervitaminosis;
  • Go to an endocrinologist regularly and check your hormone levels. Their reduction affects appearance and the appearance of signs of aging.

Are you determined to pull yourself together and change your life? The “Flourish” marathon will help you with this. Here you will learn about all the intricacies of rejuvenating gymnastics for the face and self-massage. In just four weeks you will work your spine, improve your posture, cleanse your body and even forget about problems with your internal organs. And that's not all. Interested? Then read the details below.

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