Sunflower oil in cosmetology - benefits for facial skin, safe methods of use

Dermatologists and cosmetologists advise using sunflower oil on the face, as it effectively smoothes out facial wrinkles and helps get rid of acne. Sunflower oil is considered a natural product obtained from sunflower seeds.

Today there are two varieties of this product:

  • The refined product is subject to additional processing;
  • Unrefined is produced without additional purification and is characterized by a distinctive aroma and dark shade.

In the field of cosmetology, in recent years, a product made from sunflower seeds has reached the first stage. Modern creams, lotions and masks are made based on this product. The article presents topics from the cosmetic field: composition, benefits and harms, use for caring for the dermis of the face and body, recipes for making masks.

general description

The name sunflower is translated from Latin as “flower of the sun”, which is not surprising, because the plant always turns its inflorescences towards the heavenly body. North and South America are considered its homeland, but today it is cultivated in Europe and Russia. In cosmetology unrefined oil is used which is obtained by cold pressing or extraction. This product retains all useful elements.

Refined wine undergoes additional filtration, partially losing its nutritional properties. The source of oil is the seeds of the plant; at the first stage of production, the husks are cleaned. Then crushing takes place, the mass is sent for heat treatment, and then passed through a press.

The refined product is further filtered and purified from organic impurities.

Oil can be obtained at home ; just as in industrial production, you need to clean the seed kernels and then pass them through a press . But the store-bought product retains all its beneficial properties, and its availability makes it possible to skip the labor-intensive process of home preparation.

Unrefined oil is a mustard-yellow liquid, has a pronounced, specific aroma of roasted seeds, and forms during storage . The purified oil is transparent, golden-yellow in color, and has a less noticeable scent of sunflower seeds.

The popular culinary product is gradually conquering the cosmetology market. Increasingly, manufacturers are adding natural products not only to nourishing creams and emulsions.

By the way. Well-known brands produce peeling, micellar water, and shampoo with sunflower oil.

Light texture and non-comedogenic properties help to gently cleanse the skin, including removing sebaceous plugs.

Important Rules

The benefits of sunflower seed oil are obvious. But to achieve a good result, you need to follow a number of simple rules:

  • Choose an unrefined product, preferably cold-pressed. As a last resort, you can take unrefined oil obtained by hot method, but using refined oil is practically useless. It will, of course, soften and moisturize the skin, but it contains much less vitamins.
  • Before mixing the oil base with other ingredients, it is recommended to warm it up slightly. But you cannot heat the product to a temperature above forty degrees, otherwise the vitamins will begin to be destroyed.
  • Ready-made formulations can only be applied to a well-prepared face. If you don't cleanse your skin well, an oil mask will do harm rather than good. Therefore, you need to remove all makeup, wash your face or wipe your face with lotion and make a hot compress. You can apply the composition after taking a hot bath; after this procedure, the pores open, and beneficial substances can act not only on the surface, but also penetrate deep into the tissues.

  • Do not try to keep the composition on your face for too long; the maximum exposure time is half an hour.
  • It is recommended to remove oily compounds with warm water with the addition of a small amount of lemon juice. It is advisable not to use soap.
  • Procedures need to be carried out weekly, but if a specific problem is being solved (acne, wrinkles), then you can increase the frequency of procedures and perform them every other day.
  • It is recommended to do the procedures in a course. The maximum number of masks in a course is 10-12 pieces, then you need to take a break for at least two months.

A little history

Among the Indians of South America , the sunflower was a symbol the Sun deity ; colonialists found golden statues of the plant. Seeds were first brought to Europe by the Spaniards in the 14th century; sunflowers were considered an ornamental plant. Gradually they began to grow in England, Belgium, Holland, the flower heads were boiled and baked, and replaced the coffee drink.

The oil was first produced in Great Britain , but large-scale production began in Russia thanks to Peter I. The aromatic product has become national pride; traditional dishes are not complete without golden oil.

But the girls used cosmetic properties, lubricated dry areas of the skin, and used it for burns. The natural remedy quickly restored the skin and had rejuvenating properties.

Medicinal herbs were often added to the oil; healing infusions were used to treat skin diseases, care for the body and hair.

Beneficial features

This unique product contains valuable elements:

  • stearic acid nourishes and moisturizes the surface layers of the skin, which allows you to evaluate the effect of transformation after the first use, forms a protective film, prevents dryness and flaking;
  • palmitic acid activates regeneration, restores elasticity, firmness, has a rejuvenating effect, stimulates collagen synthesis;
  • myristic acid protects and restores skin, is used to prevent early aging, neutralizes the effects of toxins and allergens;
  • arachidonic acid refreshes color, tones, strengthens capillaries, smoothes the relief, gives it smoothness, elasticity, soothes irritated, inflamed dermis;
  • oleic acid ensures the transport of nutrients into the deep layers of the dermis, moisturizes the skin, and prevents the formation of wrinkles;
  • linoleic acid provides protection from ultraviolet radiation, free radicals, neutralizes microbes, has the ability to retain moisture, and prevents the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria;
  • linolenic acid relieves redness, inflammation, increases protective functions, stimulates regeneration processes;
  • tocopherols smooth out wrinkles, are used to prevent skin aging, eliminate peeling, normalize hydrolipid balance, and promote tissue regeneration;
  • Vitamins A and D improve color, even out structure, reduce hyperpigmentation, restore density and elasticity, and smooth out deep wrinkles.

How does it work?

Using sunflower seed oil helps:

  • increase blood flow to the skin, which improves cell nutrition;
  • saturate cells with moisture, smooth out surface wrinkles;
  • cleanse pores, eliminate acne;
  • protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • soften dry skin, eliminate flaking;
  • restore metabolic processes;
  • will increase elasticity;
  • speed up the healing of damage.
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Indications for use

Vegetable oil has a complex effect on the skin:

  • nourishes, moisturizes, softens;
  • promotes skin regeneration;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • protects against ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental factors;
  • relieves redness and inflammation;
  • normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • prevents the formation of age spots;
  • tones and strengthens capillaries.

Where is the best place to buy

Whether cosmetic treatment will be effective depends on the quality used . You can buy it at any grocery store; you can easily find unrefined oil in the market. It is sold in plastic containers, but it is better to choose an opaque glass bottle.

The oil itself has a dark color and a bright aroma of seeds. The price depends on the manufacturer, varies from 80 to 350 rubles.

Should be stored at 10 ° to 15° away from sunlight . When sealed, it can be stored for a year; after opening, the product must be used within 2 months, and unrefined - about 6 weeks.

Attention! You can identify spoiled oil by its rancid taste and musty smell.


A sunflower oil face mask is not an invention of modern cosmetologists. This natural herbal product was used by our great-grandmothers to rejuvenate the skin. The product is made from oilseed sunflower seeds by extracting or pressing the seeds. Depending on how the seeds are processed, the oil can be refined (processed) or unrefined (unrefined), which is darker in color and has a great aroma.

It is unrefined sunflower oil that is preferable for the face: it retains the maximum amount of valuable substances, while oil that has undergone refining (multi-level purification) using organic solvents loses a significant part of the beneficial substances. The properties of the oil and its chemical composition may differ slightly depending on the areas where sunflowers are grown and, of course, the method of processing the seeds.

The composition of unrefined oil includes triglycerides - these are complex organic compounds of glycerol esters, as well as fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, stearic, palmitic and others). They have antioxidant properties, are powerful protection of cells from the adverse effects of free radicals, and slow down the destruction of collagen fibers.

The benefits of sunflower oil for the face are due to the various vitamins and minerals it contains, including vitamin E (tocopherol), which transports oxygen to skin cells. Inulin, which is part of the oil, promotes deep hydration, and phytin is known for its rejuvenating effect.

General recommendations

The use of natural products in home care will restore the skin, improve tone and structure. But to achieve the desired effect, a systematic is important , as well as following a number of rules:

  • before the first use, you need to test the oil, apply the oil to your wrist, wait for a possible reaction for half an hour, if there is no burning, rash, or redness, you can use the product for cosmetic procedures;
  • suitable for different skin types, normalizes the condition of dry, mature skin, restores the elasticity of age-related skin, neutralizes inflammatory elements of the oily dermis;
  • can be used throughout the year , but after 3-4 weeks of regular use you need to take a break to avoid effect ;
  • combines with various base oils, cosmetic clays, pharmaceutical solutions, ethers;
  • before cooking, heat in a water bath to 40–45°, so the product will reveal all its beneficial properties;
  • you need to mix the ingredients in clay, glass or ceramic containers , prepare a one-time volume of mask or cream, natural cosmetics are not stored after the session is completed, they can only be used within an hour after preparing the recipe;
  • You can wash it off with herbal decoctions; for oily skin, it is recommended to add lemon juice or your favorite citrus essential oil;
  • It is used not only for the face, we must not forget about the neck, décolleté, the skin also needs nourishing, moisturizing treatments.

Mask for mature skin

Mix the yolk of one egg with a full tablespoon of the original product and a few drops of lemon juice diluted with water. The product must be applied in two layers. The second layer is applied after the first layer has dried. After the second layer has dried, remove the product with a damp cotton swab.

To keep your skin in excellent condition and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, wipe your face with a special liquid:

1 ampoule of pharmaceutical vitamin E; 1 teaspoon sunflower oil.

There is no need to rinse off the product, as it must be applied in a thin layer. After a quarter of an hour, it will be completely absorbed into the skin.

Method of preparation: take 4-6 dessert spoons of cosmetic clay, add 1.5 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Mix all ingredients, adding a few drops of rose, lavender essential oil with one pinch of sea salt.

Method of use: the finished product must be kept for 20 minutes, after which it must be rubbed in with light massaging movements. Remove residue easily with warm water.

Directions for use on the face

Widely used for cosmetic purposes, it restores renewal processes helps saturate cells with oxygen, and improves blood flow. To effectively use home recipes, it is important to prepare the integument for the penetration of active elements into the deep layers of the dermis.

cleansing :

  1. Remove decorative cosmetics using micellar water or cosmetic cream.
  2. Apply gel or gommage selected according to your skin type on moistened skin. It is easy to massage the skin not only to more thoroughly remove sebum and cosmetic residues, but also to soften dead skin cells.
  3. After washing again with running water, you can steam the skin warm compress, but do not carry out the procedure more than once a week .
  4. Then you can proceed directly to the cosmetic session.

Whitening mask

To lighten pigmentation, freckles, and even out tone , a mask with a whitening effect is used. Allows you to improve color and structure, removes toxins, accelerates blood flow. Recommended for use on all skin types; it prepares the skin for the summer season to ensure even distribution of pigment.


  • 5 ml sunflower oil;
  • 2–3 strawberries;
  • 5 gr. white clay;
  • 3 drops grapefruit essential oil.

Grind the berries into a homogeneous mass, combine with clay, add nourishing and essential oil, the result should be a mass of sour cream consistency. Apply the cosmetic mixture onto the skin and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with chamomile decoction.

Attention! It is recommended to carry out the procedure in the evening; in the morning, be sure to use a cream with a high SPF factor.

Refreshing mask

To restore stressed, aging skin and prevent premature aging , it is recommended to use effective home recipes. Gives smoothness and elasticity to the relief, improves lymph flow, and gives a healthy, even tone to the skin. Saturates cells with useful elements, increases protective properties, promotes active cell renewal.


  • 5 ml sunflower oil;
  • 10 gr. rice flour;
  • 5 gr. aloe;
  • 3 drops rose essential oil.

Cut a leaf from a mature aloe plant and place it in the refrigerator for several hours. After squeezing out the juice, add rice flour, nutritious and essential oil. Distribute the finished mixture on the cleaned surfaces in a continuous dense layer. After half an hour, rinse with warm green tea and apply nourishing cream.

Moisturizing mask

To restore hydrobalance, combat dryness , flaking, and restore healthy skin tone , it is recommended to use the secrets of nature. Natural cosmetics revive the thin, irritated dermis, giving it firmness and elasticity.

The product is used for all skin types, including oily, acne-prone skin.


  • 5 ml sunflower oil;
  • 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil;
  • 5 gr. yeast;
  • 5 gr. honey

Combine honey with vegetable oil, add yeast granules and wood ether. After cleansing the skin, apply along the massage lines, completely relax your face, try not to talk during the procedure. After half an hour, remove the residue with a damp sponge, and finish by washing with a herbal decoction.

Acne mask

To regulate synthesis , narrow pores, and prevent the formation of inflammation , an effective remedy is used in home care. It has antiseptic properties, neutralizes bacteria and pathogenic microflora. As a result, it is possible to restore the lumpy structure and give an even matte color to the integument.


  • 10 ml sunflower oil;
  • 5 gr. henna;
  • 5 gr. green tea;
  • 3 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Grind green tea into powder in a coffee grinder, mix with henna powder, pour boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. After the mass thickens, add nourishing and aroma oil and mix thoroughly. After cleansing the skin, spread in a thick layer over problem areas of the chin, forehead and cheeks. Leave for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Advice. For a lasting effect, repeat the treatment 1-2 times a week.


Effectively cleanses the skin, removes sebaceous plugs, and evens out the surface. Increases blood flow, removes toxins, softens dead cells. It is recommended to use the scrub for all skin types, except sensitive ones; the product is also contraindicated for manifestations of rosacea.


  • 5 ml sunflower oil;
  • 5 gr. sea ​​salt;
  • 5 gr. rye flour.

Combine salt and flour, add butter. Clean your face, apply the mixture along massage lines, avoiding the eyelids and lips . Massage thoroughly, trying not to stretch the skin, then rinse with water.

Anti-wrinkle cream

Helps restore skin turgor activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and helps smooth out wrinkles . Regular use allows you to normalize hydrobalance, strengthen thin capillaries, and activate tissue regeneration. Recommended for use on dry, irritated, sensitive skin.


  • 5 ml sunflower oil;
  • 15 gr. cocoa butter;
  • 5 gr. beeswax;
  • pantothenic acid capsule.

Melt the wax in a water bath along with cocoa butter, remove from heat, add sunflower oil and pantothenic acid powder. Then pour into a prepared cosmetic jar and leave to harden.

Use instead of night cream in the evening after cleansing the skin.

Anti-aging cream

You can also use sunflower oil for your face as a base for an anti-aging cream. It won't be difficult to prepare it. Take a peeled onion and puree it in a blender until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Then oil and crushed dandelion flowers are added to the composition, placing the resulting mixture on the stove. Without bringing to a boil and stirring occasionally, cook it for 10–15 minutes. After cooling, the mass is filtered and poured into a glass container.

The cream can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days. It is used for daily care - applied to the face in the evening (before bed). First, as with other products, the skin must be cleaned and steamed. As a result, the epithelium is softened and saturated with nutrients, the face becomes refreshed, and small folds are smoothed out.

A vegetable oil-based cream that helps fight signs of aging will be a good helper in daily facial skin care.

Application for eyelashes, hair, lips

Effective oil can be used to nourish and moisturize curls. Saturates follicles with active elements, ensures the growth of healthy, strong hair. You can carry out massages, oil applications, and enrich ready-made skin care products.

Note! To solve the problem of hair loss, a course of warm wraps is recommended; the procedure will not only strengthen the root system, but also accelerate the growth of curls.

Enriching the balm and conditioner will give a luxurious shine and shine, making it easier to comb and style thin, porous strands.

Also used to care for eyelashes and eyebrows. Just a few drops of cosmetic liquid will help lengthen the hairs, make them denser and more elastic. Can be mixed with campfire or almond oil, and can also be used in its pure form. To achieve noticeable results, it is recommended to apply daily for 3-4 months.

Nourishes, eliminates dryness and flaking when used on delicate skin . In combination with esters, it is effective for the treatment of herpes and recovery from chapping. You can prepare a balm on the basis by mixing it with beeswax and natural food coloring. Do-it-yourself decorative cosmetics not only nourish and moisturize delicate skin, but also protect against aggressive environmental factors.

Internal use

Both refined and unrefined oil are widely used in cooking Dark aromatic is used for dressing salads and side dishes, peeled - for heat treatment of vegetables, meat, fish.

Harm is possible when frying, if an unrefined product is used; after boiling, carcinogenic elements are formed. Therefore, the optimal method of administration is to use fresh oil to enrich ready-made dishes.

Beneficial features:

  • prevention of skin diseases;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • prevents the development of oncology;
  • normalizes cholesterol levels;
  • improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • increases performance, affects cognitive abilities.

Care product

Mix 23 grams of sunflower oil with 30 grams of cottage cheese and apply for 30 minutes. The necessary product will be absorbed during this time, and it is better to remove the rest with warm water.

Proven recipes for wrinkles using sunflower oil

Since this product improves blood microcirculation and increases turgor and elasticity, it is recommended to use it to get rid of and prevent wrinkles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sunflower oil contains a whole complex of elements that nourish and moisturize the skin. It is worth considering the features of application, as well as possible disadvantages of a natural product.


  • suitable for all skin types - dry, sensitive, combination, including oily, as it has a low degree of comedogenicity;
  • can be used throughout the year, in summer it provides protection from ultraviolet radiation, in winter it will protect against dryness and flaking;
  • base oil goes well with esters, other fatty bases, herbs, and pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • refers to hypoallergenic products, rarely causes rash or redness;
  • affordable price, the opportunity to purchase high-quality oil in the nearest store;
  • has a complex effect, you can create creams, masks, lotions, enrich finished cosmetics;
  • Suitable for caring for the face, body, curls, eyelashes, universal oil increases the body's protective functions.


  • do not exceed the recommended dosage, there is a feeling of an oily dense film.

Nourishing mask

Heat 20 grams of sunflower oil a little, mix with 1 egg yolk and a whole ampoule of vitamin A. The mask is applied to cleansed skin and left for about 20 minutes. Rinse off the product first with warm and then cool water.

Heat the oil to a temperature of 36-38 degrees and soak gauze in it. Apply the compress to problem areas and cover with plastic wrap. To warm up, cover with a towel or piece of cotton wool. Hold the compress for about 30 minutes, then cleanse the skin of oil with linden decoction.

Reviews from people

On the forums you can find reviews from girls who have already tried the traditional product in cosmetic procedures.

The user writes that he uses it for facial massage and recommends rubbing it hot oil to get rid of wrinkles.

The girl describes how to apply oil to the face to cleanse the pores.

A participant writes about the good cleansing effect of sunflower oil.

Acne lotion

Many people are concerned about the question of whether it is possible to smear their face with sunflower oil for acne. There is a lotion recipe that will help in such a situation. It contains the following components:

  • Vegetable oil.
  • Tincture of calendula flowers.
  • Vodka.

The solution is recommended to be used in the morning to wipe the face. It is suitable for any type of epithelium, since it does not dry it out and prevents the appearance of excess fat.

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