How to remove a wrinkle on the bridge of the nose: effective ways and methods, results, reviews

As we age, lines and wrinkles appear on our faces, indicating that we are no longer as young as we used to be.

The natural aging process causes visible damage to the largest organ of the human body - the skin. Most changes are simply inevitable.

Aging cannot be stopped, but there are several ways to reduce the formation of wrinkles on the face. One common type of wrinkle is deep wrinkles on the bridge of the nose. You can find out how to remove them using ultrasound by contacting a specialized clinic.

Types of facial wrinkles

In cosmetology, it is customary to distinguish between dynamic and static types of wrinkles that form as a result of active facial expressions.

The first of them are visible only when the facial muscles contract, when a person, as they say, actively “talks” with his face - moves his eyebrows or raises them in surprise, smiles a lot. In a calm state, the skin looks smooth. This type of folds is typical of young people.

Static wrinkles are present on the face even in a calm state. There are several reasons for their formation. Firstly, in the absence of appropriate therapy, dynamic wrinkles turn into static ones. Secondly, age-related changes play a role: a decrease in skin elasticity due to slower collagenogenesis and less active production of hyaluronic acid by the body.

Cosmetologists also use gradation of wrinkles according to the depth of their occurrence:

  • superficial;
  • medium-deep;
  • deep.

We all know that wrinkles most often form on the forehead and between the eyebrows. But even on the bridge of the nose, noticeable furrows are found in 30% of people over 40 years of age. They are usually horizontal in shape, while in the forehead area they can be transverse and vertical.

There is a common belief that facial wrinkles form in women earlier than in men. To some extent, this is true, because men's skin is denser, and in most men, skin aging occurs more slowly than in women. But here, too, everything depends on the characteristics of a particular person. There are often cases when overweight people turn to a cosmetologist with the problem of early formation of wrinkles.

Factors influencing the formation of wrinkles:

  • decreased collagen production;
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun;
  • contraction and relaxation of facial muscles;
  • smoking;
  • uncomfortable position on the pillow while sleeping.

When we laugh or smile, frown or squint, the wrinkles on our nose become more noticeable, since most of us wrinkle our nose when doing so. And with age, the condition of these defects worsens. In the absence of elasticity, aging skin cannot return to normal, as it did in youth, and over time, this facial expression becomes a permanent part of it. Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose become more and more noticeable over the years, they make a person’s look more stern and dejected.

Looking in the mirror, moving your eyebrows together, you can see two lines between the eyebrows. These are vertical wrinkles lying between the eyebrows that look like the number eleven. Not every person has them, but those who notice such wrinkles on their face try to minimize them and improve their appearance.

How to solve a problem?

Modern cosmetology recommends taking care of preserving youthful skin from an early age. Preventive measures are always the most effective!

Starting from the age of 18, it is necessary to do moisturizing treatments both at home and with a cosmetologist. If facial expressions are very active, then for preventive purposes, from the age of 20-25, you can use botulinum therapy in small doses to prevent wrinkles from lying deep on the bridge of the nose. This is the injection of a drug based on botulinum toxin into the area of ​​muscle tension, which relaxes the muscles. Mesotherapy - injections of therapeutic cocktails including hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and other elements - contribute to maintaining the required level of dermis moisture, and, consequently, preventing the formation of folds.

With this approach, your skin will delight you with freshness and youth for a long time!

If the area of ​​the bridge of the nose already has wrinkles, then the algorithm for getting rid of them will be different. Many people dream of finding a remedy that would help solve this problem at home. But this is a utopia - not a single cream or cosmetic oil, not a single mask will get rid of furrows on the skin if they have already formed.

Some people think that methods such as SMAS lifting or photorejuvenation can help them. But these technologies are not intended to eliminate existing wrinkles.

Thus, SMAS lifting is aimed at tightening the contours of the face and combating sagging tissue. This is an ultrasonic facelift; in our center it is performed using an Ulthera device (Altera) made in the USA. The effect is on the muscle layer. There is a targeted heating of the tissues, as a result of which they contract, the production of new collagen is stimulated and after some time the contours of the face are tightened. This technique can also be used to prevent tissue aging. Ulthera therapy is carried out once every 1.5 - 2 years, has an increasing effect - the most pronounced result will be visible after 3-4 months. Some compare it with a surgical method of rejuvenation, but hyperkinetic folds, as expression lines are called in cosmetology, this rejuvenating technology will not completely remove.

Photorejuvenation evens out the texture of the epidermis, eliminates age spots and vascular formations. With the help of broadband pulsed light, a targeted effect is exerted on problem areas, while the surface of the dermis is not damaged. Our cosmetologists work using the Lumenis M22 device. This device is the result of the joint work of Israeli and American cosmetologists. After a course of procedures, the vascular network disappears (small vessels can be removed immediately), hyperpigmentation. The skin becomes clean and fresh! But this method will not help with wrinkles.

Chemical peeling will not help in this matter either. Its function is to exfoliate the stratum corneum. Peels based on various acids are used to even out complexion, treat acne, as a preparation for more serious procedures (phototherapy, laser rejuvenation), in combination with mesotherapy or biorevitalization.

The only method of wrinkle correction that has proven effectiveness is botulinum therapy. The most famous drug for this is Botox, which is produced by the American company Allergan. It has been used in aesthetic medicine since the 90s of the 20th century. However, now other botulinum toxins have become more widespread in cosmetology - Dysport (France) and Xeomin (Germany). The first is produced by IPSEN, the second by MERZ Corporation.

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are muscle relaxants that block muscles in the desired area, thereby relaxing them. Thanks to this, the creases are gradually smoothed out. The main component of these botulinum toxins is botulinum toxin type A. The drugs are administered by injection, the whole procedure takes no more than 1 hour. The effect lasts on average from 4 to 6 months, after which the injections can be repeated. The volume of injections depends on the degree of facial activity and how deep the wrinkles have formed. If we talk about the back of the nose, then usually 5 to 10 units are placed at one or two points in each muscle. The exact amount will be calculated by the cosmetologist after the examination.

All three drugs are certified in the Russian Federation and have been used for many years. Which one will be effective in a particular case is decided by a cosmetologist during a face-to-face consultation.

Many are concerned about the safety of such a procedure and whether it is addictive. Decades of practice have proven that botulinum toxins do not cause any harm to human health, but there are conditions and diseases for which they cannot be used.

Surgical methods for getting rid of wrinkles on the bridge of the nose

  1. Filament lifting.
    This is a facelift procedure using Brazilian threads.

    How does it go? In the sagging soft tissues, the doctor makes a mesh of threads that tighten the skin. The operation lasts about two hours and is performed under local or general anesthesia. They guarantee that the result will last for five years, and then, if desired, the procedure will need to be repeated.

    However, reviews from people who performed this procedure are completely different. Most write that the result lasts up to a year, and then the situation only gets worse. This happens because the skin stretched by threads is injured even more this year and sags more.

    What else could go wrong? In addition to the long list of contraindications, there is another main fear - the threads may simply break. Imagine how, due to an unsuccessful sudden movement, the threads were damaged, and one side of your face simply sank down. So-so prospect.

  2. Lipofilling.
    This is a minimally invasive technique in which the body’s own fat tissue is injected into “problem” areas. This tissue is first centrifuged to separate it from blood and other impurities. This produces a solution suitable for injection.

    If the doctor is not sufficiently qualified, he may make mistakes during the operation, and this is fraught with dire consequences. These include: the formation of irregularities, swelling, infection, hematomas, necrosis...

  3. Surgical facelift.
    The doctor makes an incision in the scalp, stretches the skin to smooth out wrinkles and fixes it in this position.

    Why is this method dangerous? Bleeding may occur during surgery. The procedure is dangerous due to the formation of seromas (accumulation of fluids under the skin), damage to the facial nerves, the appearance of scars that cannot be removed, and tissue necrosis. Also, if the scar is in the hair, cicatricial alopecia may occur, that is, hair loss at the site of the scar.

    The list of contraindications and consequences for surgical techniques is quite extensive. You shouldn’t risk your health and immediately throw yourself under the knife. You can achieve the desired results without the help of surgeons and cosmetologists, safely and independently. Next we’ll tell you about effective techniques that you can do at home, try it!

Contraindications to botulinum therapy:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Lactation
  3. Feverish conditions
  4. Acute viral infections
  5. Inflammatory processes at the injection site
  6. Allergic reaction to the components of the drug
  7. Myasthenic syndromes.

There are others, so first you must consult a cosmetologist and fill out a medical card.

For deep folds in the bridge of the nose, a combination of botulinum therapy and contour plastic surgery can be used. After blocking muscle activity, the doctor uses a filler that fills the unevenness from the inside and smoothes it out. This way you can quickly achieve smooth skin. The basis of most contouring preparations is hyaluronic acid. This is a natural component of the human body, which is also present in the skin, providing its moisture. However, starting from the age of 25, the process of hyaluronic acid synthesis slows down, as a result of which the dermis becomes drier, loses its freshness and fullness. Filler injections, on the one hand, replenish lost volumes, and on the other, create conditions for deep hydration of the skin, eliminating water deficiency, evening out the relief of the skin.

Using masks

How to quickly remove wrinkles at home? Effective masks can be used for this. These are means by which the skin absorbs beneficial substances, and therefore its condition improves. At the same time, there are many recipes for masks.

A mask made from potato starch has an excellent effect. The product is taken in the amount of 1 tbsp. l., mix with water (1/2 cup), stir. When the mass thickens, put it on low heat and boil it a little. Then you need to add 1 tbsp. l. sour cream and carrot juice. The resulting mixture should be applied with a brush to problem areas, left for 30 minutes, and then rinsed off.

There is another effective mask - based on white cosmetic clay. It must be mixed with sour cream in equal quantities. Peach essential oil is also added (a few drops). The product is applied for 20 minutes.

If you use masks prepared yourself, you need to pay attention to the presence of intolerance to certain components. Their use can cause allergies.

Prevention of wrinkles

It is quite difficult to prevent their formation on the face, but it is possible. Firstly, facial activity should be controlled. To monitor facial muscle contractions, it is recommended to look in the mirror more often. For example, you can place it next to your workplace and note in what situations certain grimaces appear, so that you can then gradually try to avoid them, developing new habits. Secondly, regular cosmetic care is necessary to nourish and moisturize the skin and relieve muscle spasms. Special facial massage techniques, mesotherapy and biorevitalization will help with this. Home care also needs to be given attention, using high-quality professional cosmetics - creams, serums, nourishing and alginate masks. To select the most effective cosmetic products, we advise you to consult a cosmetologist who will diagnose your skin condition and recommend the best option. As for facial exercises (face lifting), there is no scientific evidence of their effectiveness yet. Of course, if folds on the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows, and on the forehead have already formed, and you cannot get rid of them with the help of cosmetics and massage, more effective procedures are needed.

More information about facial cosmetology services can be found here

How to remove wrinkles on the bridge of the nose at home

  1. Static gymnastics. If not everything, then a lot depends on the condition of the spine. Through the neck, blood with oxygen and all the necessary nutrients enters the head, thanks to which we look young and fresh. If there are muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area, then the blood flow will be limited, which means the person will not receive enough necessary substances. This is where wrinkles, blue under the eyes, and a tired appearance appear.
    To perform this gymnastics you will need a special roller filled with buckwheat husks or a simple rolled up towel. Just lie on it for five minutes a day. It will help relax cramped muscles, straighten your back and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

    If you have muscle spasms, then first of all you need to work on this problem. And don’t even hope that you can get by with “magic” creams and serums.

  2. Natural cosmetic. Choose care products that contain hyaluronic acid or retinol. Also, various oils such as sugar cane oil and squalane from Beauty365 are suitable for smoothing out wrinkles - it fights wrinkles on the face well. It is also convenient to use during vacuum massage, which we will discuss below.
  3. Masks. There are a huge number of different recipes for making masks from natural ingredients at home. Here are some of them:
      beat egg white and apply to wrinkles. It tightens the skin and normalizes sebum production.
  4. Make mashed banana and apply to skin for 15-20 minutes. The fruit fights age spots and wrinkles.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

What cream can I use for wrinkles on the bridge of my nose?

If they are thin or have recently formed, then we advise you to pay attention to the smoothing serum produced by Sothys (France). This is professional cosmetics that follows a scientific approach to the creation of cosmetics. You can purchase it in our center.

Are the ingredients in Dysport addictive?

This is a common myth without any evidence. Habituation can arise solely of a psychological nature, but not physiological. 4-6 months after the injections, muscle activity is restored to 100%, and the procedure can be repeated.


Psychology of wrinkles: what does every wrinkle on our face mean?

Each person’s body has individual zones that are unique to them. These include lines on the fingers (prints), lines on the surfaces of the palms, and even wrinkles on the face. Vasily Viktorovich Firsov, a dermatovenerologist-cosmetologist, a member of the All-Russian Society of Dermatovenereologists and a member of the All-Russian Association of Mesotherapists, talks about what the latter can mean.

Methods have now been developed that make it possible to completely identify his personality using certain points on a person’s face. This has already been successfully used in all security systems - at airports, in the subway, and during public events. It doesn’t matter whether a person has grown a beard or changed his hair color, everyone’s reference points will still allow him to be identified 100%. Therefore, if this person needs to hide from the “all-seeing eye,” then this must be taken into account and the appearance must be changed - for example, with the help of deep fillers, which can really do this. This is part of our biology and self-identification - nature has given us such individual characteristics for a reason. In ordinary life, we do not pay attention to this, but the fact itself is very important to us. For example, higher primates (apes) have papillary patterns on their fingers, but there are no lines on their hands that have a fateful significance. People with Down syndrome do not have these same lines on the palms - only a healthy person, homo sapiens, has them.

In the course of life, a person changes 3 times. The first time is during birth after its intrauterine existence and development. At the same time, the function of self-preservation and self-building (nutrition and growth) is incorporated into it. The second time changes occur in puberty - it is then that a person acquires the function of reproducing his own kind. For it to appear, a person must completely change - this is such a metamorphosis. The same thing happens when this function fades away and the person changes for the third time. In all three cases, all areas of the body are involved, including the face. Both at the moment of a person’s changes, and throughout his life, the face changes greatly - folds, irregularities and wrinkles appear on it. I will talk about the reasons for such changes not only as a cosmetologist-dermatovenereologist, but I will share an alternative point of view.

Unfortunately, no knowledge in the world today gives us the opportunity, looking at a person’s face, to diagnose the processes that take place in his body. Although such attempts have been made several times! In general, a lot of information has been accumulated on a person’s face - the ancient cultures of India and China were actively involved in this, but none of the systems can help us and collect reliable information on the folds on the face. Therefore, we cannot make diagnoses by looking at a face. And no wonder - it would be too easy! A person consists not only of a physical body - it’s no secret that there is also an energy body, and this is not an empty phrase. These bodies are inseparable from each other, because the physical body exists as long as a current of energy passes through certain paths in it. I mean energy meridians - they are often used by acupuncturists. As soon as the flow of energy stops, the life of the physical body also stops.

What causes the formation of wrinkles on the face? One of the factors, of course, is society. Each person is individual and from birth receives a certain set of capabilities and qualities. Some people are more positive, others not so much, some are born melancholic, others spend their whole lives sanguine... The face is a zone facing directly into society - with it we look at the world and the world also looks at it. With our face we reflect the emotions that we experience at one time or another - emotions caused by external or internal factors (read how emotions affect our appearance - read here).

There are “fast” emotions - they are fleeting and burn out like a match. And there are emotions that form the entire emotional background of a person. It is they who leave their mark on our appearance - often they are not primary, but secondary. See for yourself - at birth, a child receives everything he needs to realize his life functions. Healthy children are always attractive because they are much more harmonious than most adults. The child does not suppress emotions, does not hold them back. But adults acquire these secondary emotions and wear these emotions on their faces, without knowing it. Sooner or later, children are faced with the need to keep what they feel to themselves - that’s how we raise them. Gradually, the child’s unrealized emotions, for example, anger, transform into hatred or fear. Joy that is not given an outlet is embodied in melancholy and depressed mood. All of these are accumulated, secondary emotions that fall on our face. Therefore, we often do not recognize an acquaintance on the street whom we have not seen for several years, because he has changed so much! We change especially dramatically from adolescence to middle age. We evaluate a person by looking at his face. We especially focus our attention on facial expression and, oddly enough, posture. We do this, of course, on a subconscious level.

When meeting another person, our subconscious receives signals from the subconscious of this person - we form an impression that does not always coincide with visual factors. A person could smile at us, give compliments, but for some reason we are not looking for a new meeting with him. Or contact with a person can be neutral - he communicates little and does nothing, but we will look forward to meeting him. The subconscious reads these things hidden from us and forms an impression. It's the same with posture - most middle-aged people slouch. Take a look at your friends - why do almost everyone have problems with the spine? This is a consequence of our unfulfilled aspirations, internal problems and conflicts with the outside world. A person begins to defend himself from the world, so he slouches, covering the front side of the body, where the meridians of the yin current are located. Instead, he exposes his back, where the meridians of the yang current are located, to the influence of the surrounding world. Facial expressions are also formed in order to protect us and hide something that is devoid of harmony. To be more convincing, download an app that mirrors one side of your face and makes a whole face out of it. You will see that the result obtained is radically different from how you really look - your face is very asymmetrical, because the right side is responsible for yang energy, and the left is responsible for yin.

Year after year, a persistent spasm of certain groups of facial muscles is formed on the face, which develop into the facial expression that has developed for each person. As I already said, it would not be very correct to look for some organ in every wrinkle - the formation of a healthy and well-groomed appearance often begins with solving deep-seated psychological problems. But the person can indicate the direction of the path in which to look for problems. For example:

  • folds on the forehead in its middle part - fears;
  • a vertical fold in the area between the eyebrows – determination, suppressed impulses to action, possible problems with the gallbladder;
  • transverse fold on the bridge of the nose - lack of self-confidence, lack of energy to realize one’s desires, possible problems in the thyroid gland;
  • deep nasolacrimal groove – problems with the liver and heart are likely;
  • deep nasolabial folds – possible stomach problems (often gastritis with regular exacerbations);
  • deep nasolabial folds together with a vertical groove on the bridge of the nose - closeness to achieving goals, success;
  • redness on the cheeks – possible problems with light or high sugars;
  • dark circles under the eyes, sagging skin – kidney problems are likely;
  • fine wrinkles around the mouth - check the large intestine (this is where its meridian passes);
  • small wrinkles around the eyes - pay attention to congestion in the bile ducts (the gallbladder meridian passes through here);
  • fold on the chin - fears, possible problems with the sigmoid rectum.

Case Study

I have been seeing a patient for many years - she is now 63 years old. 7 years ago, an inevitable and difficult situation occurred in her life - her already elderly mother died. For some time she looked after her mother, but they never lived together - this is everyone’s personal matter. The fact is that the patient could not overcome this on her own. Considering the regularity of visits to me, the patient’s skin was treated very well, but I noticed that after the death of my mother, the condition of the body (and the skin in particular) began to rapidly deteriorate. Several times the patient even ended up in the intensive care unit with an acute attack of pancreatitis. She honestly tried to solve the problems and even asked to be sent to a psychologist. In the end, she was unable to work with him - not because he was bad, but because she herself did not want to solve problems in this way. But the situation had to be saved. I recommended her Bach Flowers medications, which I individually selected for her using ART-BRT diagnostics. She felt better within 1.5 months - this is very rapid progress in such a difficult situation. The patient shared with me what she herself, looking in the mirror, noticed - it was the expression on her face that changed. This is what we work for. The reflection of internal processes on the face gave us the opportunity to track their dynamics - they interfered with her, did not allow her to live and enjoy life. But they were successfully eliminated.

There are always several different ways to solve a problem, and sometimes they work best together. Unfortunately, it is naive to expect that you will get to a cosmetologist who thinks about such things. The probability is very low. But by reading my publications and looking at familiar things from a different angle, you will have a complete understanding. Life is very diverse and multidimensional. Simply “taking something and pulling it somewhere” is a bad decision that will definitely not change your life, but will only give you an average model of appearance. I speak carefully, but you will understand me - remember the women who solve problems only with the help of plastic surgery, braces and pins. They are very similar to each other, and this has nothing to do with beauty. To paraphrase a famous expression, the face is the mirror of our soul. And, if your mirror signals you about problems, then my good advice to you is to solve them comprehensively and from different angles. And stay beautiful and healthy!

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