How much does virginity restoration surgery cost?

It is believed that both the body and the girl’s soul should belong to only one man. What should those girls do who have failed to maintain chastity? The answer is simple: restore your virginity. It is not surprising why, in certain life situations, many girls think about surgery to restore the hymen. It’s clear that they are interested in how much it costs to restore virginity? You will find your answer in a specialized clinic. Prices are different everywhere: they range from 12 thousand to 35 thousand rubles.

Types of operations.

There are several types of hymenoplasty operations. They can be divided as follows:

Short-term hymenoplasty.

This type of operation is used for short-term effect. During sexual intercourse, a slight barrier effect is created and little blood is released from the vagina.

This type of surgery usually takes place under local anesthesia approximately 8 to 10 days before planned sexual intercourse. The surgeon stitches the hymen flaps together using biodegradable thread. The duration of the operation can take from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The sutures dissolve within 2 or 3 weeks, and the hymen flaps return to their original appearance, as they were before the operation.

Short-term hymenoplasty can only be performed on patients who still have remnants of the hymen.

▪Three-layer hymenoplasty.

This type of surgical reconstruction is long-term and allows long-term preservation of virginity (until sexual intercourse). In this case, the hymen is completely recreated to its original appearance. The operation is performed after menstruation (at this time there may be less swelling and bleeding), both local and general anesthesia is possible. Areas of the mucous membrane are moved to the vestibule of the vagina and stitched together. Surgical sutures can be removed within a week or two after surgery.

Unlike short-term hymenoplasty, after this type of operation it is possible to lose virginity “several times”. Accordingly, the price of three-layer hymenoplasty is higher.

After such an operation, virginity can last up to three years, and bleeding after sexual intercourse can be even greater than with the loss of the “natural hymen.” In general, there are no more differences.

Hymen restoration

Why do girls want to sew and restore their hymen:

  • 30% - before the upcoming wedding;
  • 10% - after rape;
  • 25% - accidental injury, trauma to the hymen (tampons, masturbation, examination by a gynecologist);
  • 10% - the desire to relive the moment of defloration, obtaining new sensations, variety in sexual life;
  • 20% - surprise your partner in such an unusual way (who wanted to experience intercourse with a virgin without cheating on his beloved);
  • 5% - mercantile interest.

There are separate cases when a woman lost her hymen against her will and for some reason it is important for her that everything return to its previous state. A girl who has lost her virginity against her will (due to intoxication, skillful seduction or rape, etc.) believes that by restoring her virginity, sewing up what was torn, she will correct the mistake she made, turn back time, and again feel “clean” and untouched .

Anonymous survey

Types of operations

Today, several methods of virginity restoration are practiced in Moscow clinics - short-term, long-term and three-layer. Officially in medicine this is called “refloration”. The choice of one method or another determines the degree of complexity, and this depends on your wishes, as well as the individual characteristics of the structure of the external genitalia.

Is refloration dangerous, and if not, are there any restrictions or contraindications for its implementation? This surgical procedure has no contraindications, except for acute inflammation of the genitals, any mental illness and some others.

You can restore your virginity, including anonymously, as many times as you like. But if the person who wants to become a “girl” already has a lot of “experience” or the remnants of the hymen are too small, it can be more difficult to restore the hymen - the walls of the vagina have to be sutured. In some cases, in order to sew the hymen, sections of the mucous membrane are taken, usually from the vestibule of the vagina, and a natural film is created. There are several methods and methods of implementation, and which one is right for you and how much it may cost can be discussed at a consultation with our specialist only after an examination on a chair. After some time, even a professional gynecologist cannot distinguish a hymen made in this way and sewn up from the real one.

Short-term restoration of virginity

A simpler way to achieve virginity. The effect lasts for a short period of time - for 7, maximum 10 days, after which the seams come apart and everything returns to its original state. That is, you can have sexual intercourse at least on the same day when the operation was performed, or within the next 5-7-10 days. After these 7-10 days, the stitches will dissolve and you won’t get any results. This operation, or rather manipulation, is done quite quickly; if you wish, short-term recovery can be done on the day of treatment, spending about 2 hours on everything.

Long-term virginity restoration

A more difficult way to sew up. Difficulty is divided into 3 categories. It is determined based on your wishes regarding what should happen during “first sex” and the individual anatomical features of the structure of your external genitalia (the presence of remnants of the hymen and their condition, the width of the vaginal opening, etc.). The price depends on this and all this is discussed during a face-to-face consultation after the examination. The result of long-term virginity restoration lasts for a long time (up to 3 years or more). It will be possible to have intimate intimacy no earlier than 15-20 days after the operation - after the sutures are removed, or they dissolve on their own (depending on the suture material used).

Three-layer virginity restoration

A separate type of service is the so-called. “suturing the hymen in three layers ,” which involves returning the integrity of the virgin pleura at the expense of the tissues of the entrance to the vagina. In this case, the “girl film” is formed from three layers of tissue of the vestibule of the vagina, and these layers are sutured sequentially with modern suture material. This operation is the most difficult to perform; the effect lasts for a long time (up to 3-5 years). But it will be possible to have sexual intercourse no earlier than 25-30 days after the operation.

Moreover, if you want to give your future partner the 100% effect of “sex with a virgin,” it is important to take into account the following nuance!
We want you to be calm about the subsequent results, so we draw your attention! The restoration of virginity done in our Moscow clinic will give your future partner the feeling of overcoming an obstacle, an obstacle when inserting the penis into the vagina, the appearance of blood, while the woman’s feeling of pain is insignificant. Perhaps you would like to additionally narrow the lower part of the vagina and give your partner a feeling of “tightness” of the vagina during subsequent sexual intercourse, as is usually the case with real virgins? Our specialists have a solution to this problem too - find out more about non-surgical narrowing of the vagina with an injection of hyaluronic acid, carried out simultaneously with the operation of suturing the hymen to achieve a 100% virginity effect.

Reasons for the operation.

The desire to restore virginity is most often a personal initiative.

Who can undergo hymenoplasty and for what reasons?

  • Girls who have suffered any types of injuries associated with rupture of the hymen;
  • For religious and aesthetic purposes;
  • Girls who have been sexually abused;
  • Personal desire for sexual partners.

Preparation for hymenoplasty includes:

  • Consultation with a surgeon and possibly other specialists to exclude contraindications;
  • ECG, X-ray and video colposcopy;
  • Consultation and examination with a gynecologist,
  • Taking various tests. These include testing for sexually transmitted diseases, urine testing, blood testing for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis. As well as tests for blood coagulation, biochemical analysis, determination of the Rh factor and blood group, smear for flora.

After examination and analysis of the results, the doctor makes a conclusion whether this procedure is possible.

What types of hymenoplasty are available at the El.En clinic?

Short-term hymenoplasty - in this case, the new hymen will last about 7-10 days. The essence of plastic surgery is to stitch together individual sections of the mucous membrane. The intervention can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Long-term hymenoplasty is a more complex type of intervention that allows the formation of a full-fledged new hymen from the mucous membrane (taken from the vestibule of the vagina). The result will last for any amount of time, right up to the first sexual intercourse. On average, the operation lasts about 1 hour, but it makes it possible to completely eliminate the consequences of defloration.

If you are interested in how much it costs to restore your virginity, you first need to decide on the type of plastic surgery that is right for you. The cost of forming a long-term hymen is higher. This is a full-fledged surgical intervention with a longer recovery period, etc.


Do not forget that there are a number of contraindications to hymenoplasty:

  • oncological diseases;
  • bacterial and viral infections of the genital organs;
  • diabetes;
  • cervical diseases;
  • heart pathologies;
  • blood diseases (blood clotting disorders);
  • psychiatric disorders;
  • any conditions accompanied by an acute course.

Any hymenoplasty is not performed during menstruation.

Rehabilitation after plastic surgery

The formation of a temporary hymen does not require a special rehabilitation period; it is recommended to limit yourself from visiting saunas, baths, swimming pools and swimming in natural bodies of water for only a few days.

If the hymen was completely restored without time limits, then rehabilitation will take about 2-4 weeks. During this period, you should avoid intimate contacts, intense and heavy physical activity, active sports and water procedures (bath, sauna, etc.).

Your doctor will provide you with a more detailed list of recommendations; it is very important to follow them in order to get a lasting result and avoid complications (although this type of operation is not complex).

Do you want to have hymenoplasty? Then entrust this to experienced surgeons who have extensive experience and use modern equipment and tools in their work. Come to the El.En clinic, we guarantee the best results at an affordable price!


In general, hymenoplasty is not a complicated operation and the recovery period does not take much time. Maintenance is quite simple. For some time, it is better for the patient to move and worry less. The main thing is to avoid intense physical activity and eat foods that do not cause fermentation, constipation or diarrhea (vegetables, carbonated drinks, bread, legumes, etc.).

Today, this operation is quite in demand among the female half of the population. Tradition greatly stimulates the demand for this type of surgical intervention. In all the southern republics of the country, it is believed that virginity is an honor for an unmarried girl, and absence is a shame and a sin. In many religious families, losing your virginity before marriage can lead to the loss of your life. Therefore, the demand for hymenoplasty is very high in the Caucasus, and there are girls who have undergone this procedure many times.

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Cost of virginity restoration

One of the first questions that interests our clients is: how much does virginity restoration surgery cost? The price depends on the type of hymenoplasty:

  • long-term – from 20,000 rubles;
  • short-term – 12,000 rubles.

You can find out the exact prices at the first consultation; they depend not only on the type of plastic surgery, but also on the anatomical features of the patient. The indicated price includes examination, necessary diagnostic examinations, surgical intervention, and postoperative monitoring of the results obtained.

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